Reserve special forces, advice?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Giger, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Hello - have come here under directions from a family member (Says you are good for advice) in respect of my current situation. I'll give you the basic jist. wont bore you with the details.
    im 30, Started out as a para, but for a few reasons left and joined the marines. (yeah yeah, I can here those gasps from here you know!) and had the time of my life until I ended up basically HAVING to leave to become a full time carer. a little after this, I joined the RMR as this was really the only commitment I could do. and I left the RMR last year as things got too much to balance. Now, my situation has changed but I don't see me going back in full time somehow. I now have my eyes set on joining the reserve special forces, prefferably SBS. Fitness wise, it's basically what my spare time revolves around. I train a lot, I even tab long distance quite often. I wont deny that I miss being in.
    so much for not boring you with the details.... point being anyway is that now i'm not even in the reserves - what would the process be of getting to try my hand at selection for the SBS/SAS? I only ask as I've been told for the reserves you can apply straight from civvy street (and i guess i count as a civvy now) and would my previous experience have any impact on this process or not? Or should I maybe try for 4 para 1st and apply from there? (now that would be an interesting career wouldnt it!).
  2. Don't quote me, but i don't think you can join SBS from civvy street. 23(?) SAS(V) i believe you can join straight off, providing you pass selection. I think for SBS reserves you would have to go back to RMR and apply from there. Personally think you should do 4 para, then SAS then SBS, then you'll have the full set!
  3. IIRC, 21/23 SAS(R) accept potential recruits with no military experiance, though they may have to complete the CIC before attempting Selection.

    SBS(R) require previous military experiance for all potential recruits. They prefer you to be Commando trained, though may make an exception if you have served with another elite unit, i.e. the Paras.

    SBS(R) Selection is more intensive than 21/23: after the SF Briefing Course, recruits spend about a month on the Hills Phase with Regulars. This means they get Hills over and done with in one go, as opposed to SAS(R) who spread Hills Phase over 9 weekends.

    For more details, just put UK Special Forces Reserve into Google, which will take you to the UKSF(R) homepage.

    And good luck - you'll need it! :D
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