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I have searched hi and low with regards to the reservists list but found nowt to no avail. Mods please merge this thread if there is another. thank you.

Ok let me start :) I am an ex soldier been out for about 2 years ( no i dident get booted out !!!!) , when a person leaves they place you on the reservists list now my question is . I would like to apply for a reservists role as advertised on the MOD website but I have no clue as to what the criteria are ? do you have to sign back up to full time ? what the hell does E2 under capbadge mean etc etc etc.

If there are any current members in a reservists role would you mind shedding some light on this topic or PM me pplleeassseeeeee.


Me :)
You are currently a regular reservist - as such you can apply for FTRS roles so, yes, full time but not necessarily full commitment (it depends on the role) and always for a fixed length contract (NRPS is different.) Ts&Cs are somewhat weaker too (especially as it is not mobilised service). Criteria will depend on the role, your experience and how desperate they are to fill the gap.

E2 on capbadge means they don't really care (as opposed to a specific regiment or corps) - note that you can have E2 but a restricted arm of service. So it could be any but RAC or Inf only (not that there are any of those on the RAOL at the moment but there are on the OCE.)
I think you were looking in the wrong place:)
Reserve job opportunities - British Army Website

You should have received a letter from the Regular Reserve office in Glasgow. Apparently, you have to keep them informed of any change of address and medical condition, with a fine of up to 1000 if you don't. They also include a "newsletter" (2 A4 sheets of paper which look like they have been photocopied by a blind Rottweiler) which gives details about applying for reserve opportunities.


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