Reserve service (RARO)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by John_Jorrocks, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Just out of curiosity. I'm told my RARO commitment will end in 2021.

    In anyone's knowledge, does being on RARO actually ever involve being recalled for service or is it simply the last resort?
  2. Depends on your skillset and the needs of the operation. Compulsory mobilisations have been done for the current conflicts
  3. Interesting. Thanks.

    I can't remember if I notified my last change of address. I had better pay attention I suppose.
  4. Just got my "Annual Reporting Letter" this week from the JPAC centre. Cant recall seeing one of those for a few years!

    They say the RARO commitment ends at age 55, if that helps.

    I have declined to continue the risk of remaining, at the rate the casualties in teeth arms occur - they may yet require old men like me with War Pensions!! As it would mean closing my business and laying off staff if I was mobilised, I dont think it would happen anyway for my meagre skills as a long retired infantry type.
  5. Not 100% sure, but think largest proprotion of "Compulsory" recalls were medics/doctors/nurses. (They had to rejig the RFA/RSA/RHA system (upwards) to cope with the additional pay they they give to recalled reservists to match their old civilian income as doctors)
  6. The ex was in the Vet Corps and was called up in 2002, she had been out for nearly 18 months. They also called up two of her friends that had been out for awhile as well.

    They were desperate for Dog Trainers/Handlers. She got out of it in the end, but her two mates went off to sunnier climates.
  7. The RN were calling out Doctors who'd left decades ago in Telic 1, and who were unaware that their liability for recall extended to 60 (I think it was). Quite a few shocked people!

    RFA 96 has allowed for VRF (Volunteer Reserve Forces) to be employed much more now, where previously in Ops CORPORATE and GRANBY the only option was Regular Reserves. The "Reserve of Choice" is now the VRF for a variety of reasons.
  8. Not sure where I stand but it seems pretty unlikely I'd be given anything expensive to break (ex-div recce and thereafter yeomanry).

    At best watchkeeper I suspect. Otherwise, the command of a mobile bath unit awaits. OK, maybe commanding it might be a bit ambitious.