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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hairy_Maclary, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Pardon me if everyone knows the answer already but any more info on the Strategic Review of Reserves anywhere?
  2. After the initial issue I heard that it had been pushed to the right - far too long and complicated - our lords and masters wanted it on a single A4 with a few key recomendations - rather 90+ pages of ramblings - well thats the rumour................
  3. msr

    msr LE

    The attention span of senior management (wherever they are) is one side of A4.

  4. Does anybody know?
  5. That long....?
  6. They will just change the names of supervisory organisations, move expensive offices in Bristol to glasgow and vice versa, reduce numbers of experienced and value adding officers and SNCOs whilst lamenting lack of recruitment and retention. Just like last time...
  7. Don't you mean safe Labour seats !
  8. Ones attention span is for the length of the executive summary. If that's longer than half a page then it needs a re-write.
  9. Bit of shame that our lords and masters are too busy on other things that they can't spare a little more time on what affects 30000+ territorials (or 30% of the trainnset)..................
  10. Sadly I don't think they are even that intelligent...
  11. Many of them don't seem to spend much time worrying about the other 70%, either.
  12. Summarised version doing the 'rounds of the pointy heads as we speak.

    I think it's distilled down into seven recommendations and about 5 pages - TACOS, Esatate, training etc...

    All of the other issues - e.g RLC being restructured have been dropped.

    Should be published as the working document shortly.