Reserve phase 1A and 1B and Phase 2 training.

Lots of SA 80 work, ie safety stuff and drills. Strip and assemble and how the thing works. There was some classes on military law. Every day we went to the gym for PT. Circuit training, TAB, jerry cans and mile and a half at the start and end. Drill instruction. We went camping twice. They seemed to spend a lot of time on 'values and standards'. Never once were beds and living areas inspected. Never were uniforms inspected either. A few times push ups were given for being late and sometimes we were made to run around the barracks but other than that it was more boy scoutish than military.


Due to attend phase 1(a) 9th Jan at RTC ballykinler N.I consolidated 10day course. Walking and running etc in the issues boots to get them "broke in" for next week!! Most of my kit is home with just a few bits due to arrive this week. Looking forward to getting stuck in and learning the ropes etc. Anyone have any hints and tips for the consolidated? Having looked quickly at another guys schedule it appears there's only 1 or 2 field craft days. Any extra items not listed in the kit sheet worth bringing to help with things???
We did 2 nights sleeping out. The first was on day 2 and was called Op. Icebreaker where we got to do the whole icebreaker speech again. Nothing tactical about it and the instructors called it 'glamping' instead of camping. The 2nd was on our 2nd last night of the course. We set up an A shaped harbour to sleep in and did sentry duty and some exercises for moving round in the bush. Blank rounds were used. It was kinda cool. The food you get will make you fart a lot and you won't pinch a loaf for at least 3 days after and when you do, it's gonna stink. I was told to bring a couple sets of civvies for loungin round at night in the barracks but they weren't needed. Bring a camera if you want to get some pics as we were not allowed to have our phones with us.


Brilliant thanks for the info mate. I've heard baby wipes are a good idea and tin foil for the bottom of the mess tins (saves lots of time scrubbing the blackness off the bottom) apparently. Going tomorrow to barracks for final burgen and kit checks and hints and tips I suppose.
Baby wipes are always good to have. I bought mine on base so I did not think to mention them. I was also able to get OD bungies and a couple extendible tent poles as well. I did mine at Pirbright and they had a Spar and another shop with a pizza joint. Another thing you might want to consider is a kettle. Nice to have a brew in the mornings and evenings. As it will be cold and you will be outside a lot some of that lemsip hot drink stuff and some cold medicine might be handy. I would rather spend a fiver on my own supply than do the march of shame to the medical centre.
And another thing. Do as you are told. Do not complain. Have a good time and good luck!

PS Bring your own shit paper too.

I am looking to join 3rd R Anglian infantry.

I have my assessment next month at Pirbright and was trying to get a clear picture regarding the training schedule as iam getting different information everywhere i search.

The way i understood it was:

6 weekends at RTC
3 weekends infantry-orientated course
2-week residential combined Phase 1 and Phase 2 training

So is this not the case anymore?

Many Thanks

As I understand it, 4 weekends or 7 day consolidated for Alpha though they might still be doing the 6 weekends or 10 day course, 16 days for Bravo starting soon then on to CIC at Catterick. I am not sure when the 16 day Bravo starts. I am going to do my Bravo next week and it is 2 weeks. As to the gaps, As far as I know you have to do Bravo within 8 weeks of finishing Alpha and can then do CIC up to a year after that but I am not 100% sure of this as I am doing all my courses ASAP.


Apparently, if the time between alpha and bravo exceeds 8 weeks you are required to attend a refresher weekend before commencing bravo


Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't find it if it has been. With the Reserve Phase 1, is there another medical or does the medical at ADSC carry through?

There was no extra medical on mine, thank **** for that. But you had to do the mile and a half twice, once at the start and once at the end. No big deal with that though they did make us do the jerry can carry and the power bag lift again witch sucked almost as much as the endless lessons on values and standards.


Okay I hope I don't have to do it again, it was so nerve wracking at ADSC! Did you do the consolidated course or the weekends for Alpha?


Dragging up an old thread here but I'm about to to Phase 1 Alpha over two long weekends. I was told this was a hybrid option. I arrive Thursday night and leave Monday afternoon.

While it is not as good (in my opinion) as doing the week long course I am hoping it provides a bit of flexibility while minimising any loss of knowledge and need for recaps along the way.
Dragging up an old thread here but I'm about to to Phase 1 Alpha over two long weekends. I was told this was a hybrid option. I arrive Thursday night and leave Monday afternoon.

While it is not as good (in my opinion) as doing the week long course I am hoping it provides a bit of flexibility while minimising any loss of knowledge and need for recaps along the way.
How did the alpha go, what did you do?


How did the alpha go, what did you do?
I've just completed Bravo. Both were at Strensall.

Alpha was all about weapon handling. Introduction to drill, fitness and everything else that has been mentioned previously. In terms of the syllabus I cannot really offer any further insight as to what has already been said.

However, the biggest thing I found (looking back) is that it is a preparation. It helps prep you to being away from home, family etc and start getting used to the routine.

It is early starts and late finishes. But, at Alpha it's not too shouty or angry.

So, they didn't really go mental at us. However, if you consistently fucked up, or wasn't really learning/listening their frustrations would be known.

As soon as you get there, listen, don't try to be clever nor try to be too familiar with the DS. Just be respectful and try to get involved. Effort seemed to be valued over being the best at everything.

Nobody knows you there, so essentially it can be a clean sheet, just accept the routine and get on with it.

Also introduce yourself to people in your room as soon as possible, you're all in the same boat and immediately have a common bond, plus it helps those who may be a bit shy.

Take loads of sweets - they're just what you want after each day.

Everyone stresses at the 1.5m run and the weapons handling test. Try to do some running before you go to quell any fears.

However, weapon handling is covered extensively, but lots of people overthink it which can lead to nerves.

Bravo is a step up...of everything.

People have said that alpha is a bit 'boy scouts'. On the other hand bravo is intense, challenging and quite a bit shouty, sorry, I mean motivational :-D

You are given notes and a check list at alpha for your weapons handling test so ensure you study that before you attend to get through the test. If you were given any handouts from alpha especially for living in the field take them.

If you are not confident follow the order when you're doing your morning routine. That's way better than being half undressed, with an unclean weapon in bits and no hot brew to hand while being bollocked.

Be prepared to be away from home for over 2 weeks. This got to quite a few of the attendees and seemed to result in a number of them leaving.

Make sure in your head that you are determined to finish the course. Don't just turn up thinking that Alpha was okay so you'll just bimble through it because you'll probably find that you can't. Especially when it's blowing a gale and you're sat on stag piss wet through trying to eat some nuts with your gloves on.

Again, I cannot offer any secret insight as the course timetable is available. You'll find you have no spare time and that it's early starts and late finishes.

When given the opportunity to shower - take it. And make sure you do even if it is for a couple of minutes. Poor hygiene will be noticed and it's not fair for everyone else.

Eat your food. You are given loads of food. Eat it all up, you'll need it.

Take loads of sweets, buy some extra olive tee shirts on ebay or amazon, take a few note pads/pens, red torch, extra black socks, decent boot polish, plenty of bags for waterproofing, ensure your helmet fits as best as it can, permanent marker pens, washing powder, flip flops and enthusiasm.

Always have notepad, pen and ID in your top left pocket.

Don't take things personally and try to improve/learn on mistakes. Don't get short tempered or ratty with other people.

Remember that it is a short amount of time to be away from home in the grand scheme of things.

The DS are clearly passionate about it, so return the effort.

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