Reserve Pay - Completed Phase 2

I completed Phase 2 training in December and received the £1000 completion bonus. But my daily pay is still the same. I was under the impression that it should have gone up? Can anyone shed any light on this? I have asked my unit and they are still looking into it.
Many thanks
Your RAO or RAWO are the leads on this, have you started trade training as this might be the reason?
If you were on the recruit wage previously - I think about £37 from memory - then it should have gone up into the heady heights of the early forties after you've done your Phase 1.

I'm not aware of any pay rises after completion of your Phase 2, although I will stand corrected if so. You'll get level increases as your seniority in rank increases, though.
Thanks, I joined in August 2018, completed phase 1 in October and phase 2 in December. My daily rate hasn’t changed since August. I’ve asked them to look into it again because I’m sure it should have gone up.
So what is your daily rate? If it's £37.12 then you are being paid as a new entrant. If it's £45.96 then you are paid as a qualified private soldier and no rises except annual and promotion ones.

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