Reserve or Regular Officer

Hi all, was wondering if I could get some answers to some questions i can't seem to find anywhere on the other chats.

Basically I applied to be a RM officer 5 years ago, passed the POC & AIB. But didn't get selected for the batch. Then i got a letter from the army saying i could get short tracked to Sandhurst due to my AIB pass, but failed the medical.

They said I could reapply come 2021 so here i am. I've just passed medical - I'm still set on joining but now i'm 28 i'm also looking at reserve options as I have a job and a life to leave now i'm that bit older.

What I can't figure out is the following....

1. Can you actually just join as reservist officer then apply to join a unit like 3PWRR? I've read so much about sponsorship and UOTC route i'm a bit confused on how it works.

2. As an officer in the reserve would you actually ever get deployed? or is your role more of managing the reserve unit and keeping people ready so it has men ready to step up and join the regular unit when needed?

Thanks a lot!
1. you just join a Reserve Unit as a soldier, express interest in becoming an Officer and you go from there

2. Yes. You can volunteer to deploy.