Reserve Officer training

Hi All

If this has already been asked, I deserve the banter and am happy to be directed to the thread accordingly!
Without giving the whole life story: interested in joining the Reserves and completing Officer training, no issues with going the Sapper route if I have too just believe I have a lot to offer and would enjoy the challenge.
The advise I am after is how realistic is reserve officer training with a full time job and family - I have read many posts saying officer training takes a lot more time than is advertised and get the idea it suits a newly qualified grad or singleton more.
I'm not afraid of hard work and long hours just trying to amass as much info as possible from people in the know. I am 31 at present, married, 2 kids and run my own business( which is finally at the point where I can employ people and have spare time )

Any help would genuinely be gratefully received.



It is do-able, however it all depends on your location and time availability..

Initial training is now co-located with UOTCs so proximity to a university town is always an advantage. Contact with UOTC can however put a strain on marital bonds - be warned!

You will need to write off a summer for Sandhurst as well.. as to the rest, I believe they are now looking again at reserve officer training to see how they can make it more accessible.. time will tell!

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