Reserve Officer - The Application Process


I started the process to apply as a reserve officer - I have spoken to the CSM, I have met my chosen reserve unit and I have just been through the 'Assessment Centre'. (July - Application : February - AC pass)

I still have to:
- Attest (provided the pre-checks come through okay)
- Set up the AOSB Briefing Date
- Training; either:
-- Phase 1 Alpha and Bravo; or
-- Module A (of the officer course)
- Depending on CAT from the Briefing, set up Main AOSB
- Hopefully success then rest of the Modules!

I have been using the site to find what is expected in the Assessment Centre and the AOSB (and wish it was here the first time I did all this). It has been a big help. But there seems to be a lack of 'discussions' of reserve officers and the current recruitment process. Have any new reserve officers been through/going this process?

After attesting have you gone to the 'training options' or straight onto the AOSB briefing? (or even both?) My CSM was not clear... need to wait for those pre-checks to finish!

Also just looking at my time line so far assuming success it could take 4 years to complete the training (1 module per year). is this what others have found or committed more 'holiday' time to shorten the process?

Thanks for any help.
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I did the course in 2017. I attested in Feb, then did Mod A (consolidated) in April, and Mod B (consolidated) in August. I never did AOSB, after a Sandhurst Champion weekend (a pre-AOSB course) and Mod B convinced me that I was not interested in being an officer. You can do A and B prior to passing AOSB, obviously, but you can't be loaded onto a Mod C until you have a Main Board pass. A contemporary of mine did all four units in one block (eight weeks, referred to as the "zero to hero" course) at Sandhurst. Personally, I think the Phase 1 A/B route is better than Mod A, particularly if you're above typical undergrad age, most of your fellow Mod A trainees will be OTC cadets.
Thanks, you have included a lot of information there, plus I hadn't considered the AGE factor when choosing training - though the Assessment Centre was full of those younger than me and I or they didn't see it has a problem.

I am fairly committed to attending the AOSB and becoming an officer (if they allow it), if you look at it in time only 3 weeks alpha - bravo and 2 weeks Module A.

But then what's the rush......

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