Reserve Officer recruitment


Hi All

I am looking to apply as a reserve officer, however I am getting a little confused by the website on qualifications.

Being a lot older 47 with prior experience RM but old qualifications ( in excess of 25 years old) things seem to have changed. (And yes I know getting old, too old etc).

As I read it you have to have 180 UCAS points, this seems difficult as currently I believe having read a few ucas calculator sites an A at A’Level is only now worth 48 UCAS points (used to be 120) ? This would require me to have 3 A’Level grade A and another above grade D is this correct?

I also believe that I am required to have 7 C and above qualifications at GCSE?

Can somebody please clarify that this is correct?In the past it was 5 GCSE C and above to apply for a commission. Granted I understand things change.

Thanks for the assistance.
OCO - you'll probably receive many different responses to your query. That's probably due to your unique circumstances. Best thing to do is simply to apply. Once your application is submitted, you'll be assigned a CSM (Candidate Support Manager) and they'll look at your specific quals in relation to reservist officer requirements. Best of luck and do keep us informed on how you're getting on.

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