Reserve Liability

Could anyone give me the definitive answer to just how long you are liable as a reservist? I have been told (probably unreliably) that you are liable until a notional 12 year point. So, having served 5 1/2 years I would have 6 1/2 yrs left as a reservist. Is this correct?

I believe (not gospel!) you are on the reserve list for 7 years after leaving, regardless of time served - you could have done 3 or 22, you are still on their books for seven years.

A mate of mine has been crapping bricks since Telic kicked off, he's halfway round the world at the moment and has no intention of getting back in a hurry when his papers get to him.
Your reserve liability depends on your original Regular enlistment date, as the rules have changed over the years. The MoD Army website has this page that gives the tables for liabilities.

Only the Regular Reserves can be Mobilised for operations like Telic. They used to be the first ones called up for all the Army's overseas expeditions, from the Sudan to Suez. But now its the TA, as the MoD are too lazy/incompetant to keep track of ex-Regulars.

The Long Term Reserve or Army Pensioners should only get called out if the s**t is really about to hit the fan.

Last set of figures I could find for Reservists Mobilised is at
IT_Rogue said:
the MoD are too lazy/incompetant to keep track of ex-Regulars.
Slight inaccuracy there IT Rogue, we used to keep track of reservists addresses from the Inland Revenue, but recent Data Protection law changes mean that it is now illegal for HMIT to pass us their address information (as that is not the reason for which the informationwas collected).

Reservists are actually legally bound to notify APC Glasgow when they change their address, but no-one ever does unless they are receiving a pension, and it is not considered politically worthwhile to pursue prosecutions against those who fail to notify the change of address.

So what I am saying really, is that we have no idea where a large percentage of the Reserve Army is, though the fault doesn't neccessarily lay at our door!

cheers for all your answers guys, it would appear that if you joined between 1/1/86 and 1/4/97 and have served less than 16 years, then you are on Regular Reserve for 6 years and then on Long Term Reserve until age of 45. Cheers again.

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