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Evening all, just a question on instructors in the reserves. My understanding of reserves is limited, but from what I understand, “trained” soldiers show up for a training weekend once a month, and an evening of training once a week. Recruits/trainees rock up pretty much every weekend. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) I’ve done 14 years as a reg, so I hope I’m classed as “trained”.
With instructors within the reserves, do they get the chance to do more weekend work than regular trained soldiers? As I would imagine they are required for more than one weekend a month to bring on the recruits?
Any info would be appreciated, as my new civvy job will involve weekend work at short notice, so I don’t want to miss every training weekend. If the weekend work is a bit more flexible then it would be of use.
Depends if you are talking Phase 1 or 2 / 3 (and of course Phase 2 / 3 would depend on your capbadge's systems).

@Bravo_Bravo can give you the gen on phase 1 DS if you are thinking of posting into a training unit.

Whatever the case, you would have to fit into the training cycle. The crows jump through hoops to get to where they need to be and the DS need to be there when needed to make it happen.

The short answer is that there are likely to be more demands for attendance and less flexible diaries for those in instructional posts.
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14 years as a reg, depends massively on how long ago that was. There's a cut-off, after which you have to start right back at the bottom again.

Phase 1 in Reserves is not every weekend, probably more every other weekend. In unit, normal tempo is once a month, but many guys do far more, not just instructors. Those that do phase 2/3 instructing may do an extra 10 or so weekends depending on capbadge and training cycles. But as with everything in Reserves, people do what they can, and if real life gets in the way, so be it, Reserves has to make do with whoever they are able to get in.

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