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I am trying to put together a Reserve Forces Policy at my work to have a documented approach on how members of the Reserve Forces are treated and to ensure they are all (within my company) treated equally.

I've googled this and got some good examples of policies from public bodies such as the NHS or local councils but turn to you good fellas and lasses in order to provide Reserve Forces Policies from private bodies. Ideally, solicitors or Law firms would be great.

If you are able to PM me a copy of the policy that would be great!




See if you can push something along these lines:

"Service in the Reserved Armed Forces
We recognise the vital role of Britain’s Reserve Forces and the valuable contribution that Reservists make to our defence, their communities and their civilian workplace.


• We support membership of the Reserve Forces by our employees
• We agree, wherever possible, to be flexible in granting time off to enable employees to undertake Reserve Service training
• We will support employees who are compulsorily mobilised for service in the Armed Forces

In addition, we may, when circumstances allow:

• Grant one week of additional part paid annual leave for employees undertaking Reserve Forces’ duties
• Grant additional unpaid time off to allow employees to volunteer to:
o Support the Regular Forces for up to one month;
o Support the Regular Forces for three months as part of a military force on Peace Support or Humanitarian Operations.

Life Cover
Subject to premiums continuing to be paid (by the company) and to any restrictions for members temporarily outside the United Kingdom, and assuming that you have not reached the terminating age for the policy and that you continue to be employed by us, you will continue to be covered by the policy for up to a maximum of 1 year if you are absent because of service with the Armed Forces.

Cover whilst temporarily outside the United Kingdom will be conditional on you following Foreign and Commonwealth Office Guidelines and recommendations on overseas travel, and if that travel is outside the Scheduled Territories will be limited to a maximum period (or longer if it is deemed not medically advisable to return to those territories).
Scheduled Territories means: the member states of the European Union, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland or the USA.
Permanent Health Insurance
Your PHI cover is not affected – you are not treated any differently to other employees.

Please let the HR and Administration department know when you booking time away if it is related to your Reserved Forces service."
Cheers for the reponses so far.

Keep 'em coming!

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