Reserve Forces Commando Course (RFCC)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crossbelt, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the DCI reference for the RFCC?
    I want to know what the requirements are to bid, dates, sponsors etc.
    Now I know this will be under Navy read RM auspices but I just need the document ref and I can get the rest!
  2. i can point you in the right direction
    but first - why you want to know ? you will not get loaded without good reason
  3. Thanks for offering a lead - -kind of.

    I am confident that if I meet the criteria (in the DCI) then my chain of command will take the appropriate action. I simply want to do my homework before I make the approach.
  4. So you're not already in a unit that has a requirement for / offers the opportunity to its blokes to do the course then?
  5. Look - I hope I'm not appearing to be difficult here - all I want is the DCI so I can look up the criteria. I'm sure your comments are well meant but loading me on the course is not my concern (or yours) right now.

    What is the DCI reference for RFCC?

    If you can't answer the question then please don't feel you need to respond.
  6. I know it and am happy to give it you, but first I require full colour footage of you succesfully completing a 30ft rope climb, carrying out a re-gain on your ma's washing line and firing ten rounds, landing 6, at a Fig 11 with an air rifle after running to the shops and back....
  7. The All Arms Commando Course is covered in 2008DIN07-133.

    That should give you a good starting point.
  8. The RFCC is a course for RMR and do not accept other arms etc IIRC.

    Are you trying to achieve the dagger Crossbelt and is it not clear what your objs are. A lot of us can help but we need a clear question first

  9. Funny that - I wonder how 131 qualify, and why they are pushing it to the TA Rifles so hard just now?
  10. 131 are Commando Engineers ( = clue ) and its not being pushed at TA Rifles.

    Not all Commandos are Marines - eg, 29 Regiment RA.
  11. Regiment.
  12. I stand erected, Your Majesty.
  13. Our unit IS encouraged to undertake the course and we are rifles. Perhaps because one of our antecedent regiments (the 35th of foot) were original formed as Marines in 1704 so they think we have a closer afinity than you Northern boys?! :wink:
  14. Well thats told me.

    How long since you completed CSMT, by the way?
  15. Sorry Bravo, having re-read my post I realise I am very close to resembling a pompous cnut! :oops: No offence intended :wink: