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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Heartbreaklane, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I have the opportunity, to become a reserve forces champion in my workplace. Meaning, the key contact for those serving or wishoing to serve. The 'workplace' is National, and spread far and wide with over 14,000 staff.

    Question is, if your employer had a 'Reserve Forces Champion', what would you want/expect from the person?

    I assume SABRE might have some ideans, but I am intersted to hear from serving reservists, as to how employers could assist (without taking the pish obviously).

    Cheers in advance like. :D
  2. I assume you are a serving reservist?

    I've done nearly 20 years as a STAB all with the same company, who in general have been ok about it, though I've never been mobilised even when I voluntered! it might have been or still be different if that happens.
    That being the first thing companies need to be clear what their policy is toward reservists. Over the years and different boss's opinions/ treatment has varied greatly from very supportive to down right obstructive fortunatly that particular "human resorces" tosser has moved on.

    As a point of contact with the company try to get as fair a deal as possible for the reservists, my company gives us an additinal weeks holiday(granted in hours-37hrs) per year towards annual camp, but I as a shift worker usualy require more than that, it assumes that you work Monday to Friday, so they give you 1 week for free the other should be holiday/ unpayed. I also end up using holidays to take weekend days off to attend training, much to the wifes displeasure.

    Point out to every body company and employees how much people can gain from the training reservists recieve.
  3. What an interesting concept. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

    I can only assume that you employer is very supportive. On that basis, you should extol the virtues of the reserve forces, live the values in the workplace, contribute to the company magazine with accounts of 'derring-do' and 'things wot I have learned' and seek promotion to cement the belief that you are a better person. However, when you dissapear for 9 months on Ops and your peers have to cover for you, don't expect universal support, just because you are the 'champion'.

    On balance, I'd rather do what I do. Everyone knows but I keep quiet about it. I live the values, but not in an 'anorak' fashion, and they're not quite sure what I do....perfect.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Can you post a copy of your Reservist Policy?

    I would have thought a page on your company intranet which explains your role, where you can and can't help etc would be the first step.

  5. I've PM'd you
  6. 'Heartbreaklane' if you did want any help or additional info from SaBRE, including access to sample Reservist Policies, please get in touch.
    Good luck should you choose to take on the role!

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha