Reserve forces annual reporting certificate

So today I had one of these drop through the letter box, accompanied with an arsey letter claiming they had sent one previously and declaring how it is very naughty of me not to send it back and I can be fined up #1000. That is not a typo on my part, I am threatened with the prospect of paying #1000 (no wonder MOD procurement is so shit, they don't even know what currency to use). Since they already have my name and address am I actually obliged to fill in any further information. Quite frankly I have no desire to hand over my mobile number to these clowns, if they wish to contact me in the future they can pretend to send a letter then send an actual copy afterwards. As for employment information, do I really have to put this too, if so I'm rather tempted to declare myself a lady of leisure.

I've already scribbled at the bottom for them to actually send me these docs next time rather than an arsey letter to start off with, with a PS asking where my med docs and service records are. There is also a box at the top asking me if I wish to re-enroll in the regular reserve with two boxes to tick, "yes" or "no". I felt it more appropriate to make a third box entitled "not a chance in hell".
I had one like that a few years back. I just mailed it back with my new NOK details & have,nt heard from them since.I,ve never been asked for employment info , just wether I,m fit to work. Mind you , I must be so far down the line for call up the Chinks would have to be moored off Dungness before I,d ever be put back in green kit.

I've added a PPS and pointed out to them that #1000 is not a real currency. Sod it, it's getting returned with the same details they sent. They would be getting a sensible reply if they had not sent out an arsey letter to me when they never bothered sending the ******* thing to begin with.
I find it helps if you tell them you now work as a Pashtu/Farsi/Arabic interpreter. You will never hear from them again. Trust me! ;-)

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