Should I still apply or wait?

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So I am going to join reserves, but I am waiting to get my weight down first, as worried they will say no ect.
However, my friend who is around 13.5stone (not much muscle) (works on cardio 2x a week) applied, got through tests ect and meetings and passed all that.
(I’m 5ft2, 12.5st, good muscles for a girl, regular lifting job)

(Update: they passed all tests, was waiting for selection/training dates and army said they couldn’t continue and couldn’t reapply till 2020/2021, they are awaiting letter to know why they couldn’t continue)

Can you join before your fit enough?
Should I join before I’m fit enough?
Should I just wait?

(Sorry it’s a lot to read, I’m just worried about it now)


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You may be able to visit a unit and attend training nights for pre-joiners. This could help in the meantime and they can give you hints and tips. The application process takes a while however id wait until you’re close to being fit personally
i know that. I’ve checked my bmi ect. I’m just wondering how my friend got so far at 13.5st :/
Because your friend is not 5' 2", I assume. BMI is a (not great) calculation based on height versus weight. I'm 6' 1" - at 13st I'd be solidly into the range of ideal weight.

The major issue that your selectors will look at is your fitness - when I did selection in early 2017, I was classed as over the weight limit but it was waived because I passed the fitness requirements (cardio, weightlifting) by a long way. BMI is a tool for assessing populations, not individuals.

How fast can you run a mile and half? Can you lift a 40kg bag over your head?


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I suggest you visit the Reserve unit you plan to join and discuss it with them, not random interweb people.
@theotherkindofdoctor she is 5ft4
I can do 1.5 in 14 mins which is not 100% but it’s better than when I couldn’t run two mins straight. I have to lift 45kgs at work at times so a 45kg bag above my head I can do
That's a good start. If you haven't made an application at all yet, I would go to the unit you want to join (phone them up, they'll probably ask you to come in on a Tuesday night) and put together your online application. The application process is *not* quick, so don't get discouraged. Keep working on your fitness - you're on your way - and you should be ok.

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