Reserve CSO


There doesn't seem to be too much on here about the reserve Communications Systems Operator role. What I can gather from other posts is that the reserve operators don't have the time/kit to be as accomplished as their regular counterparts. Also, I've read that there are A LOT of operators out there, so surely reserve operators will be bottom of the pile?

My worry is that if I join up as a reserve CSO, I won't have any opportunities other than the odd High Readiness Reserve call up. That's not to say that I'm looking for a chance to get on the front line; I'd join the infantry if I was, but I don't like the thought of using the same kit for years and not getting to use the knowledge anywhere because the regular Sigs are better trained.

Does anyone have any experience as a reserve CSO? What chances are there to travel? Is the kit far worse than the regulars? Is it possible to attach to a reserve infantry unit as a signaler down the line?

As an added note, I am actually visiting my local Sig Sqn very soon so I'll post back here with what they say. Any advice is appreciated.


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