Ive just got my selection dates through and my first job role is a CMT after searching for a good few hours online and speaking to the recruitment team at the unit im joining I cannot find anything on CMT Trade Training. If possible can you detail where it is, how long it is and what it involves. I know the basics of the role but the Ice Breaker is why I want this infomation so I can make sure I pass selection.

Hey DeclynS how did you go? I'm currently going through the recruitment for reserves and CMT was my first choice. It's still early days, how did you find the overall process? Are you enjoying the role?
Aye selection went well and currently just finished the Phase 1 Alpha weekends but its been cracking, difficult physically but great fun, as regards to the CMT role obviously you dont do CMT things till you have done trade training and such but the trade training is broken down into 3 2 week courses as far as im aware CMT 3 which is the lowest CMT training level, then you will progress onto CMT 2 and CMT 1 and locations I cant help with because it depends on who is running the courses. Also each CMT course are usually spaced a year apart.
I hope this helps any other questions feel free to get back to me
Good Luck
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly :) I guess my main concern is how it's all structured in terms of a CMT role being available based on where I live and if I'll get it as my first choice. Do they allocate the rolls by what's available in your local area?
I was wondering if you could help me. What is the operational role of a CMT if you join a Resere Field Hospital unit. I'm well aware of what a CMT is but someone I know that is currently serving said I'd probably be bored as CMT with a Field Hospital. Can you shed any light on why he may of said this?
Doesnt quite work by area more by what specific units are recruiting at the moment. If the unit you want to join is recruiting for CMT's providing your BARB score and the rest of selection goes well you will be fine.
Honestly, if you want to know you should contact the field hospital and talk to them, I havent done my CMT 3 training yet and im with an RLC unit. He may be referring to actually wanting to be out on the ground with the lads rather than back in a field hospital.

Hope this helps, but yeah contact the unit they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and they will be much more equipt to answer them as well.
Yeah I'm going in for a chat with them, just thought I'd ask and thank you for your response. I'm a paramedic so do I still do the BARB test?