Researching WW2 soldiers - help requested

I've just received the following email from a lady in Canada

My husband who will be 95 next month served in the Royal Signal Corps in World War 2 sending morse code messages. He is now in a nursing home with Dementia and I was wondering how I could find out more about his war record. This being the year of the Veteran here in Canada I would like to maybe even find someone who knew him. I do have his 6 medals and the Queen's Golden Jubilee medal from Canada but he never spoke much about the war. I know he was in the 1st army and was in North Africa at one time. Does anyone know where I start or the address of the Signals Regiment. I would like to find out if he was in Holland or Belgium also. Can someone direct me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
I'd assume that the museum at Blandford & the Public Records Office at Kew maybe good places to start but I could do with some contact details. Has anyone got any other suggestions?
COuld try here they should be able to point thenm in the right direction

Officers and Soldiers whose regular or reserve service ended between 1921 and 1997

Army Personnel Centre,
Historical Disclosures,
Mailpoint 400,
Kentigern House,
65 Brown Street,
Glasgow G2 8EX

For telephone enquiries, please use the number below:

Telephone: 0141 224 3515 or 0845 600 9663

Fax: 0141 224 2144

The Ministry of Defence does not normally release information from a service record to persons other than the individual concerned or their next of kin. There is a search fee for genealogical enquiries which currently stands at £25.00.

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