Researching WW2 R Signals soldiers - help requested

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bad CO, May 13, 2005.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've just received the following email from a lady in Canada

    I'd assume that the museum at Blandford & the Public Records Office at Kew maybe good places to start but I could do with some contact details. Has anyone got any other suggestions?

    Apologies for the double post with the one in the Mil History Board but I'd really like to help this Lady.
  2. I have done similar work for my grandfathers records.

    All records for soldiers/officers who joined after 1921 are still held by APC. I don't have the dept in Glasgow best way to get to it is to go the National Archives website. This will then prompt you to look at Army Records and once you type in year joined, it will either give you the Glasgow address or details, if joined prior to '21.

    Hope this helps

    the ArmyNet has all info you require. Has a complete list of telephone numbers and addresses for archieves pre 1920ish and the relevent department addresses in glasgow for anything after that. Also explains documentation req'd eg next of kin consent etc.
  4. Here are some useful links off the LI Website which came up on a google search:

    The National Archives on-line catalogue PROCAT)
    National Archive WW1 Medal Information (1901 UK Census)

    It is often worth contacting the National Archives in advance of a visit to see what information they may have available – also their catalogue PROCAT is available on-line. WW1 medal index cards will begin appear on-line under documents online .

    Army Personnel Centre
    Historic Disclosures, Mailpoint 400
    Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX

    The Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow handles enquiries about soldiers who were discharged from the Army after 1919. A fee is charged (about £25) for each search, even if no material is discovered. A special form has to be completed prior to the search. It is essential that you quote the Regiment and personal number of the soldier concerned. (Note this information is engraved on the medals of WW1 soldiers).

    Most surviving WW1 soldiers' records have been moved to the National Archive at Kew. However, bombing during the Second World War destroyed more than two-thirds of those records covering the period 1914-1920. If you looking for a WW1 soldier, it is best to start at Kew with a Medal Card search. If your relative claimed a war disability pension, it is likely that the papers have been removed and filed either with PIN71 series of records in the National Archive or held at the Veterans Agency, Tomlinson House, Norcross, Blackpool FY5 3WP
    telephone: 01253 866043 (helpline)

    The National Archive
    Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU
    telephone: 0208 876 3444
    The National Archive shop:
    telephone: 0208 392 5271
    facsimile: 0208 392 5266
    email orders:

    The National Archive is open to the public and houses substantial records of officers and soldiers who served in the British Army. Details such as enlistment, movements, gallantry award citations, discharge and date of death can sometimes be traced. Medal rolls and individual WW1 medal cards are also held here. It is often worth contacting the PRO in advance of a visit to see what information they may have available. If you are unable to visit in person, they can supply a list of reliable researchers who will, on payment, undertake searches on your behalf (National Archive staff are not to able undertake searches for you). There is free car parking at Kew and a reader's ticket is issued, on proof of identity, on your first visit. The following National Archive Reader's Guides are recommended reading before you start any research:

    No.2 'Army Records for Family Historians'
    No. 19 'Army Service Records of the First World War'

    For list of Independent Researchers, click on 'Home page' of, then click on 'Start your research', Select 'Independent Researchers'. Select 'Army - Genealogy and Biography Records'.

    Hope it helps