Researching Relatives in The Army


My Mrs is researching her family tree and her Grandad served with 1 KOSB between Aug 1919 & April 27.

I have his service book and can see he was in India in 1921/22, Turkey in 22/23, & Egypt 23/26.

I said i'd try to get more info on him and think I've seen folk looking for similar info on here.

Other than Regimental Museum does anyone have any other suggestions where would be a good source of info, he was an OR if this helps.

thanks in advance
You can try the Medal Rolls (search Google). They have been microfilmed by the National Archive in Kew and are on-line.

As you already have his service book, I wonder if you will find any more information. The records of service from the First World War are available on microfilm at Kew, but they are not complete (the so-called "Burnt Records".

The Regimental Museum might have some more information.

Lastly, the War Diaries which are held in Kew might help you to gain an idea of what the unit was doing, but soldiers are rarely named therein.

Good Hunting,


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