Researching my Matelot Grandad

I'm currently doing a bit of smarter genealogy and recently found out my Grandad was in the RN. He never spoke about his time in service and I only found out about this after I found a photo album with pictures of him in the Pacific along with some of his records:

AB (Communication Branch) Arthur Haywood
Service Number D/jx568392
HMS Valkyrie sept 1943- oct 1943
HMS Eaglett nov 1943- apr 1943
HMS Ariadne- Devonport 1943-1946
Left the Navy: March 1946
Decorations- Nfnc 292

Now searching for the units he was on turned up that Valkyrie and Eaglett were training establishments and that Ariadne was a mine layer loaned to the US Navy to the pacific. What's really got me though is the "award" he's received: NCFC292

Searching high and low I cannot find any mention of this award anywhere, so I was wondering if any of you lot have heard of it or know what it is?
So what was the notation for the decoration, "Nfnc 292" or "NCFC29"?

The recipients of all naval honours and decorations (but not campaign medals) awarded to RN personnel during the Second World War are listed in alphabetical order in "Seedie's Roll of Naval Honours and Awards, 1939-59". Copies of this publication are held by Naval Historical Branch and the RN Museum Library, both located in HM Naval Base, Portsmouth.

See here for contact details. A quick phone call should should ascertain any decorations your Grandad was awarded.
Thank you both gents, much appreciated.

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