Researchers discover two distinct forms of Gulf War illness.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AIR FILTER, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. 28 veterans plus 10 in a control group is quite a low sample size.
  2. Indeed: and they make some very bold assertions from the outset...........'Gulf War Illness (GWI) has affected 25% to 30% of the approximately 700,000 military personnel who served in the 1990–1991 Persian Gulf War'
  3. As Craign says, a very small sample. I've read the study and there is no mention of what the veterans had in the way of jabs and tabs. It needs to be greatly enlarged upon for it to be considered more seriously IMHO.
  4. two forms, one real the other compensation.
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  5. The other thing is the 10 control people, 4 are civvies and of the 6 military types on it only 3 had been in combat zones or other contributing factor that the study wanted, effectively making it a control group of 3 like-for-likes.
  6. That is a excellent point, however, i would argue that based on the evidence of these findings, if brain damage/dysfunction has genuinely been detected in this small sample group of American 1st Gulf Veterans, all the more reason to have this test now conducted en mass to establish how many more Veterans might be affected.

    UK Government would now have a moral obligation to test it's own Op Granby veteran community (what's left of them) considering that both US & UK Forces were ordered to take the same experimental drug cocktail in addition to being exposed to the very same toxic atmospheric pollutants at that time.
  7. The cynic in me smells two words: 'Class' and 'Action'.
  8. Already been done and defeated by MOD.
  9. You think? And-as highlighted by this latest study-what group of individuals would be used as a control group? And to what would they compare any findings? Data obtained pre-GW1? I am unaware of any similar group survey.

    And how could/would they factor the work and lifestyles of any of the subjects for the intervening 22 years?

    To my mind, there are just too many variables to allow informed opinion as to causal effect to be established.
  10. You are absolutely right but it'll be conveniently ignored. The governments and opposition here and in the US know quite well that if neither side puts out press releases or makes commitments then the media will give up after a single news article on things like this. I'd be very surprised to see this in any major media source over here or repeated further in the US.
  11. They should do some research into Cold War's much more nasty.....I mean, I awoke from a 24 year alcohol related coma to find myself surrounded by foreignors who claim to be my family!

    I'm not alone...many others share the same symptoms......
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  12. I had a similar experience, however I found a specialist who removed the offending foreigner (via the expensive Decree Absolute procedure).
  13. I wouldn't bet on that.

    A quick 5 minute search on Google would seem to confirm that this new development is being taken quite seriously by some major players on a nationwide scale.

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