Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brooksy, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi ladies and gentlemen,

    Just before I jump into all of this and start asking you all to answer a survey; I thought I'd give you a bit of a background.

    I am a student at the University of Hull in my final year, undertaking an independent study based on stress and trauma management models used within the British Army. I have chosen this topic as I am aiming to gain a commission as an Officer after University - to which I am undergoing briefing very soon.

    As a little credibility, so the anticipated "journo" doesn't get screamed at me - I have spoken to a number of individuals on the forum who have been a great help thus far including mediumwhiteamericano and Markintime whom have forwarded me on to contacts of theirs.

    So, what I am asking is that you can spare five minutes of your time to fill in a quick survey for me; this would be greatly appreciated. As for a little compensation (bear in mind I say little), the Arrse community will be included in the acknowledgements of my paper.

    Here is the link: Stress management within the British Army Survey

    Many thanks,

  2. Methinks you are a journo.
  3. Should that not have been accompanied by a "FIRST!" post as well? :thumright:
  4. Not sure what's worse - being accused of being a journo or admitting to being a student?
  5. Fair point you raise there - but at some point in their lives, everyone has been a student..not everyone lacks life ambition so as to become a journo.
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  6. In all seriousness, and in giving you the benefit of the doubt that this is straight up.. You could enhance your credibility no end by stating:

    What course you are studying
    When this paper will be published
    Who is the audience (and where will it be published)
    How will ARRSErs be able to view it if they wish
    Have you contacted your local ACIO and made an appointment for interview/briefing
    What career you are hoping to achieve in the armed forces

  7. I do appreciate the benefit of the doubt there and am more than willing to part with said information!

    I'm currently in my final (3rd) year studying BA Management, the paper hand in date is on the 21st of March, however, I am handing it in on the 16th as I have my AOSB Briefing date on the 19th and 20th and the university hand in desk is not open over the weekends. Bearing that in mind, the audience will simply be my tutors and markers, the paper is not intended to be published.

    I may be able to provide an online copy of the paper if any would so wish as to read it once it is finished.

    Finally, with regards to the career I hope to achieve, as mentioned I am applying for Army Officer and my top three choices have been the R.Signals, R. Engineers and R. Artillery. I still need to attend familiarisation visits to get a feel for each and where I would be suited best, but my research and interests have led me to those three.

    I hope this helps.
  8. Personally I dislike the questions that are being asked. They do not seem to be the questions of a research student, but of a journo trying to find a such I will not be participating in the survey.

    Why did you choose this subject?
  9. That is completely fine, I don't expect anyone to participate who doesn't wish to!

    I chose this subject as I have a keen interest in the Army, hence my application.
    Further to this, within the study of Management, stress is a big issue in the civilian workplace. I realised that it would make for a much better paper if I am writing about something I am interested in, and as I am sure you know, the Army contains a lot of stressful situations that are placed upon it's serving men and women; therefore there is a need for stress management models and training.

    So overall, simply because I found an interest in the topic and area that I could angle the topic in rather than the bog standard retail company etc.
  10. Admin, re credibility, has OP Brooksy registred on site with an email address?
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Why is that important? He doesn't have to.
  12. I liked the way Maureens are excluded.
  13. What does the Army have to do with managing BA's? Journo.
  14. I would just like to thank those of you who have participated; I am very grateful for your input and it is all useful.

    Regarding the address, no, I did not sign up with that email due to the fact I use the site in my personal time and I finish university this year; hence that email address will be deleted 3 months thereafter.

    Once again, many thanks to those of you who have given your time for me; time to crack on with analysing the data and writing the bloody thing now!
  15. No we weren't.

    I filled in the form for you Brooksy.