ok here's the deal both my grandfathers were in WW2 driving trucks moving 25 ton guns around, now my grandfather on my mum's side got invilided out at cherboug and never saw service again but my grandfather on my dad's side saw action in africa and italy.

so I want to find out more on what him and his buddies did out there does anyone have any pointers as to whom I contact?
Try the following:

National Archive Web Link


Or Army Records Office:


You will need the following:

These starting points will help you find the individual you are after.

Make sure you have as full a version of the name as possible - it will be easier to identify 'Thomas George Victor Atkins' if you have the full name - there may be dozens of 'T. Atkins'.
Find out which of the services the individual served in - the army, Royal Navy (including Royal Marines) or Royal Air Force. Any further details of the regiment and battalion, ship or squadron will also speed things up.
Find out when the person served; pre First World War, First World War and after 1920 are the loosest categories, but again, the more detail you can provide the better. Enlistment and demobilisation dates are particularly helpful.
From there, you can get in contact with various Regts - you may get more info from RA Library Officer - get their numbers from Firepower Website:



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