Research Participants Wanted

Hi, I'm a Trainee Clinical Psychologist looking for ex-members of the Armed Forces to take part in a piece of trauma research.

If you're located in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire and have served in a combat role in Iraq and/or Afghanistan I'd be interested in talking to you.

The findings from the research are going to be used to develop a new treatment to help people at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder after experiencing combat.

If you're interested in taking part in the research or want more information please contact me:

Many thanks.
My MSc project is investigating a possible mediator for developing PTSD - but sadly only using a subclinical population. I'm interested in knowing individuals you consider to be at risk of developing PTSD? Are the vulnerability factors cognitive, emotional or social? If you want, we could talk through email.
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I contacted the site owners before placing my post and they've given me permission.

We're looking to develop a self-help intervention aimed at reducing the risk of the development of PTSD.
We won't be using any treatment during the research. The research is aiming to develop a form of treatment. This will be a brief self-help type of treatment which will provide people with guidance as to how to develop a narrative (personal story) of their experiences to help them to make sense of what they have experienced.
I hope this remark does not sound fatuous, but is "Joining Up (Regular)" the most appropriate forum for this topic?
Maybe I misunderstood your first post - is this a blanket intervention, and you consider everybody who has experienced a trauma to be at risk; or do you consider a specific factor leaves people at risk of developing PTSD?

I should say, I'm an ex-soldier & I'm currently coming to the end of an MSc in the Foundations of Clinical Psychology (with my next career step looking increasingly likely to be a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, rather than trying to get on the D.Clin). So maybe I could provide you with useful feedback, regarding the practicalities of administering a preemptive intervention because of my practical & academic knowledge.

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