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I have been quite surprised, dissapointed and basically shocked with the lack of cooperation given by a nameless Regiment, in trying to confirm the identity of painting of a Great War soldier. That Soldier served throughout the Great War for them but, it would appear, that the Regimental Association, well basically, could not give a flying foook in trying to assist in confirming the identity further.

I have all the info regarding number etc etc, but it is quite obvious I will need to try other means of research.

Therefore, can anyone please assist me regarding any sites etc etc. Or, is there anyone in a location that can look at the old records?

Please PM me with any information, as I would like to 100% confirm it is who I think it is.

Regards 924
There is a great WW1 forum which is full of very knowledgable and very helpful people. I'm sure that if you post an enquiry in the right place there will be someone who can help, know someone who can or know where to look.

Follow the link to the forum HERE
The Regimental Museum would be a better bet than the Association.

Alternatively, advice from is:

4. Officers and Soldiers pre 1921

Because of bombing in 1940 only about 25% to 30% of soldiers' records from the period 1914-1920 have survived. The remainder can be found at The National Archives:

The National Archives,
Ruskin Avenue,
Surrey TW9 4DU.

Telephone: 020-8876 3444.
Fax: 020-8878 8905.

This will lead you to:

Good Luck!
If you need a 'researcher', pm me for the contact details - he did a great job locating my Grandfather's war (WW1) records.


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