Rescued pigeon chicks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ooooh_matron, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Alright cunts

    Doing the gardening this afternoon I accidentally disturbed a pigeons nest and the two chicks dropped to the floor uninjured. Dad fucked off and the nest is buggered (I garden like I fuck- with sheers and blind aggression).

    Having basically destroyed their home I've decided to try to reer them. They appear to be about 10 days old. I have made a nesting box for them and they have accepted 3 meals of readybrek and warm water and appear to be in relative comfort.

    Anyone got any other tips on maintaining their development until they can be released?

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  2. Shoot them now !!!!
  3. You are having a fackin larf.

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  4. Can't help with the rearing tips.....come back in 12 months and I might be able to help with recipe ideas though.
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  5. Fatten. Kill. Eat. Post results in "Tonight I cooked..." thread.
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  6. Actually not a bad plan :)
  7. I could never bring myself to shoot a bird with a trap gun.
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  8. Trap, Skeet, Sporter or Game, they end result will be the same.
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  9. The concept of 'choke' is lost on you it appears :)
  10. Dried cat food soaked in water, chicks need a massive amount of protein and ready brek isn't enough, don't give any water.

    When large enough kill and eat.
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  11. Cheers RQMS. I ground a dog kibble in the readybrek (readybrek recommended via the internet but my hunch on protein seems to be right). Cat food may have too much salt so i'll stick to the doggie stuff. Thanks or the advice. They seem content enough at the moment.
  12. OM, I've spoken with a mate of mine who's a pigeon fancier (no accounting for taste)
    Chances of success are slim, but a closer mix to that which is regurgitated by the parent birds would be - get to a feed merchant and get a small bag of poultry/chicken corn (Its split/smashed already not whole). Soak a small handfull in water for a couple of hours. Drain the water out of it and make a porridge with milk. Keep it at room temperature (bin after 24hrs if they're still alive and make a fresh batch) and find some way of copying regurgitation like a syringe (icing sugar pump from kitchen?)
    Good luck, when I said some had advocated getting rid now, ie being cruel to be kind - his response was not a bad call!?