Rescue Me

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Funbags, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Highly recommend this series, just spent the last two days watching the series 1 and 2 boxsets.

    It used to be on Sky but seems to have disappeared, Dennis Leary stars as a NYFD fireman and is funny as fcuk. Hard to believe this politically incorrect drama following Dennis's character Tommy McGavin and the rest of the crew got past the yank censors.

    Tasters for those who might not have seen it ..

    On "retards" ..

    On Sensitivity Training ..

    On how to treat your woman ..
  2. Its highly recommended, Leary doing some hillarious anti-PC humour and with not a hint of Bill Hicks anywhere on it. Though the last series was largely crap beyond the sparse moments of genuis the first two seasons are keepers. Hope in the next season he un-pussifies the character.
  3. Great series,well recommended.
  4. Excellent series, eagerly awaiting the next season to start.
  5. Very good series. Dennis Leary, I thought was excellent in his character. Sharp dialouge, and some very sharp observations post 9/11.

    There have been some outstanding series from the states the past few years. Rescue me is the obvious, as we are discussing it. The west wing is up there. The sopranos also. Don't know why, but when it comes to cutting edge realistic type series, the yanks do seem to have it squared away.

    Same goes for their comedies. Friends ( universally successful ) and Seinfeld to name but two. Even going as far back as Cheers, the yanks do seem to have the knack of banging out very good telly.

    Cheers N_W.