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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by chocolate_frog, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. All,

    I am looking for a replacment knife for canoeing with. My old one had a serrated edge and a keen edge, with a nice point on the end for piercing plastic.

    All of the current crop of rescue knives seem to be of the blunt tipped variety. Which is nice, except if you want to penetrate a boat skin.

    I have a wire saw for cutting wood and a jack knife (it is a parachuting/paragliding knife just used for cutting ropes)
  2. Fallkniven F1
  3. Have used one of these for years, lived in webbing, and didnt find much that one of these serrated blades wouldny saw through.
    Perhaps they have something that fits your bill?

    :: Spyderco Product Details ::
  4. I hope I would never have to!!!!

    However, my old knife (which has now sadly gone walkies!!!) was used to punch through a recovered kayak (which still contained the rather loud kayaker) after it had been broached around a rock... breaking the kayakers legs quite nicely. Had to be done as a foot rest had been driven in above the ankle.

    The saw was quite viscious and made spectacularly short work of the kayak. I started at the bottom, whilst others worked from the cockpit with foldable wood saws (IIRC).
  5. Have a look in diving shops (or on-line) at the diver's knives. Sorted.
  6. I don't usually. It's just this one had a nice saw on the back, and a keen blade on the front.
  7. Bit off topic but might be of interest, at the end of WW2 when Gov. Surplus was coming into the shops there were some knives which I believe came from Aircraft Dinghies, they floated, were bright orange and had a saw and cutting blade, dead cheap, looked terrible and nobody bought them, forgot all about em until this thread, don't suppose anyone has a pic?
    Whoops, just found pic....the memory was not too bad!

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  8. Looks similar to the ww2 para issue knife.
  9. Gerber LMF II - a bit heavy but very capabable and versatile
  10. Being off-topic, I 'll keep it short. I can confirm that this is indeed from an inflatable dinghy. I've got one somewhere that was liberated by my mother who used to pack parachutes and prep dinghies. Mine has the scabbard still attached to a square of orange rubberised fabric.

    Cork handle with a lanyard so you didn't lose it, its purpose was to cut the tether that secured the dinghy to the aircraft once the dinghy had been loaded. Its shape meant that you couldn't accidentally cut the dinghy's fabric if you dropped it. They didn't have a saw, just a very sharp concave blade.
  11. [​IMG]

    Aircrew release knife

    This looks pretty good. You could always sharpen the end to a point.

    I've got one of these (Cold Steel Land and Sea Rescue). It's scarily good at cutting fabric, plastic etc
  12. Depends mate, I think the two knives (the one I am carrying and the one you are thinking of may be different).


    Good for a quick and safe cut of a throw line wrapped around your neck or if a sling has gone wrong.
  13. I'll second that.

    Have a look on

    Lots of bargain and big selection from all the big names.