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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wedge35, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. Rumours abound in my neck of the woods that Res Spec is to be made an entry trade in the near future. Would make sense I suppose. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  2. we all know that res spec course is for those who cant make it at any other trade or get promoted........surely?
  3. I,m an RE Recruiter and I can confirm that Res Spec is now a direct entry trade into the Corps, It came on line about March 05 time, but as of yet I have not been able to sell the trade to a potentiel recruit as there are too many other worthwhile trades on offer, but the corps is trying hard to recruit as many as possible at the moment.
  4. Other worthwhile trades?? That would imply that Res Spec was one of them!!
  5. What is Res Spec? Didn't exist when I was in!
  6. It's a form of salutation exchanged between young ethnic minority chaps "RES SPEC MON" :lol:

    But seriously,it stands for Resources Specialist,that wonderful combination of Thief,Bridge Stacker.Crane Breaker,Transport Misuser ,STOREBID Refuser and all the other talents required to prevent the Field Sqns from doing the most wonderful job ever
  7. Smelly bait.... :lol:

    Speaking as a Res Spec, I can honestly say those days are well n truly gone.

    Well, apart from me... :wink:

    The new trade of Resources Specialist (As opposed to the aforementioned get out clause for those of a lesser backbone) will undoubtedly see an increase in RESPECt for the Corps own Arfur Daleys.. For starters there'll be more of us to fob you off.

    8620. Signed by your boss, or war or no war, you aint getting it, Sweetheart

    Ne'er a truer word spoken. :wink:

  8. Just nip down Travis Perkins, Jewsons and the like on a wet, cold Autumn/winter weekday. Go in, find a few of those lads and offer them the world. Show 'em the pay scales, show em some pics of the chicks we meet around the world and you're onto a winner.

  9. Doesn't it mean a couple of months on the p|ss in Long Marsden?
  10. Long Marsdon closed!

    Nope. Collect Flak Jackets en route to the most desirable...


    Scary but true..
  11. Feck! That was the best posting I had......
  12. Then you have to teach them the immortal words....... YOU WANT IT WHEN hhahahahahahaha

  13. You know us well then... :wink:
  14. Extremely, have had lots to do with your types.