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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jamiemufu, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. Well hello again everyone.

    Anyways I decided to wait for a Royal Engineers job after passing ADSC with an A. A few problems though, its in 3 weeks and its resource specialist!?.

    Now my recruiter phoned me this morning asking me if it interested me and if so let him know ASAP as the slots will be gone soon enough. So just a few questions if I may?

    I have done my research (super quickly) and so far have come to the conclusion that res spec hardly ever does Combat Engineering:( Is this true? If so not for me.

    Also is it still possible to do AACC/EOD as Res Spec and hope to streamline myself towards working in the field i.e combat!?

    Please excuse anything that doesnt make sense>_< Mind is going overtime!

    Thanks in advance for ANY help!
  2. Not sure about EOD but shouldn't stop you doing AACC.
  3. Thanks. Im not sure if im going about things the wrong way! Maybe I should wait until another trade opens up:p I don't want to be stuck not doing Combat Engineering and stuck doing a trade which is damn identicle to what im doing now.
  4. Because the Res Spec trade has expanded rather quickly there are now that many res specs some are being put in field troops so are doing combat engineering. I wouldn't hold your breath about definatly getting posted into a field troop though. If you are already working in that sort of environment and don't like it I would suggest that you hold off and do a trade that you will enjoy.
  5. If you have a job similar to Engr Logistic Specialist (woo check us out fancy eh) and dont enjoy it, do not i repeat do not join as a Log Spec you will touch a miniscule amount of knockering and at the moment are not allowed to do your B1.
    You can do AACC and you can ask for EOD as a posting weather you get the course or not is upto them there.
    Logistics is important but if you want to be in a section smashing in the bridges wait for an artisan trade slot.
    Hope that helps.
  6. hmm... Will probably wait for an armored spot or just go gren guards lol^^
  7. You talk about combat engineering and then say your going to wait for an armoured slot, get out, just get out of the Spr's forum, fekkin tankies!
  8. Sorry. I just assumed (wrongfully as normal) that Armored would be doing CE more:D
  9. No mate Armoured do tanky things combat engineers are normally artisan trades however some have left the dark side to go back to knockering.
  10. BIG mistake jaimie, go & let H_S explain it to you round the back of the hangar. ;-)
  11. Mate i'm above all that now (lol) but if you have any log spec/res spec Q's please pm me i will happily give you good and bad info
  12. Thanks for tips everyone... After phoning my recruiter he said NO Royal Engineers trades were taking on for the future... So im going Coldstream guards! lol... bit of a turn around aint it>_<.

    Thanks for EVERYONE for all the advice and information you have given me. If im gonna transfer a few years down the line.. I know where I am going:D
  13. i would wait jamie if i was in your shoes BUT it is your choice, think hard about this decision.