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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by youdneverguess, May 26, 2010.

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    Last year I bought a new tax free car- now 12 months have passed and I am posted back to blighty. To re register my car in the UK I must drive across and show proof of insurance (and produce a variety of BFG forms) in order to get my reg etc.

    Snag is...I have to get insured by VIN number, so far I have spoken to all the specialist brokers but it's daylight robery!! Is there a clever trick I am missing. Seems mad to buy a years worth of rip off insurance for the sake of one day!!!

    There HAS to be a better way??

    Thank you!
  2. Why specialist brokers? What type of car are you trying to insure?
  3. No no nothing special BMW MINI, but when you go say to etc they will only insure cars currently registered in the UK which is what I need the insurance for, arghhhh!
  4. Brother, I recently came back to the UK and registered our two tax free motors. I used admiral (really good, but call during the day otherwise you'll get some halfwit from a country other than the UK (almost PC THAT !!) Use your UK reg to initially obtain the insurance and also explain that they will need to send you a UK covernote on the VIN number too, they do this no problem, the only drama is they will only send it to a UK address, so use a relative and have them send it on to you. Save's being ripped off by O'Smirkes !!!!!

    Smudger :rmp:
  5. Right, I presume you are insured via O'girkes etc?
    They will issue for €35 an English cover note that is acceptable at DVLA.
    Or, get new insurance in the UK VRN that the car came with before BFG.
    Either way will keep them happy (or it did in Jan when I did mine- using original VRN, drove to VRO on BFG plates, rereg, put old plates on)
  6. Thank you!!!! I'll give this whirl tomorrow, I knew there had to be better way!

    Cheers again
  7. Things may have changed since i did it, but the routine i followed was this...Provided you are planning to keep the car, and not flog it for a quick profit back here, there shouldn't be a real problem. The company you bought the car from should be able to help with this situation. If not, get hold of New Vehicle import license from HM Customs and excise, fill it out and get it stamped at you RHQ. When you get to Dover go to the Customs office and declare it as a newly imported vehicle. They should log your details and stamp your form for you. You then have about five days from entry to get it registered with the DVLA, they should then issue you with a new V5 etc. They may issue the vehicle with a new license plate number, so new plates will have to be made. Once all that has been done, you will have to puchase your Road fund License (Tax Disc) from the Post Office. Remember that if you sell the car within the first year of entry, you will be liable to pay the import tax and any other charges. As i said earlier, i did it myself and didn't have to pay a penny. Hopefully things haven't changed that much...

    Good luck fella!!

    P.S. Albingia are affiliated to GRE in the UK, may be worth having a word with them ref your insurance probs.
  8. Tala, old lad, those days have well and truly gone....... Worth a mention tho.


  9. Miserable Barstewards...It's all about the money now, i assume??

  10. I used Admiral when shipping a car to the UK from Cyprus using it's VIN plate.

    The quote was the same as any other "normal" car quote. When the car was re plated in the UK with it's new registration I informed Admiral and they issued me with another policy document included the new VRN.

    Easy as lobbing cream cakes into a female Glaswegian's mouth.
  11. Some of the info already given is good depending on what it is you are actually doing with the car. You say you are posted back, presumably permanently, but then you say you only want car insurance for one day.

    It is a known common problem that a lot of UK insurers only want to insure cars which are already current within the UK system. Unfortunately this restricts your choice of insurer to those who are willing to provide the service you need to do what you want to do & they will of course charge accordingly or may not be the cheapest.