Requst for Advice - God Help Me !

Right gents (& ladies)

I am in a unique position as a light blue who gets to wear greens all day every day due to apparently being R2 deployable. I have an exercise coming up shortly and have kit squared away in the garage being the sad cabbage that I am, but after nosying through the Arrse Shops and looking at some of the kit available these days, I thought I would lock what pride I have away and speak to the professionals about what you should be taking out in the field with you.

So for a week and a half under canvas in woodland in the UK - what should I be taking with me and which pouch do I stick it in?. Rather than boring you all with what I've got already please advise me what you deem most important and/or desirable.

Seriousness is appreciated, but what the hell all you wanting to rip the crack carry on.

PS - Porn already squared away - my mind and experiences are a damn site better than a stash of mags or DVD's :twisted:

A decent gonk bag is a must, camping stove of some sort (Coleman are good), Cot bed (if you're in one location, or unlikely to be bumped), Softie type jacket, Gore tex socks....

Depends if you have to carry it all, or if you're going to be vehicle based....

BTW...'Lush' do a soap that contains a compound similar to citronella which is ideal for keeping mozzies at bay.....
good start,

of course would have been helpful to give more information. Going to be based at one location serving as a HQ (just waiting to find out if we're 12x12 or drash. Apparently there is the poss of being bumped but the training cell are being as tight lipped as a freshman at an all boys school! However will be carrying all our personnel kit in bergan and webbing.
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