Requirements for TA AASAA Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Born_Again_Stab, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. What are the requirements for TA AASAA course? Do you have to be L/Cpl and above or is it open to all?
  2. Acting Cpl I seem to recall.
  3. just get made up locally....give you a stripe for the course then "we'll have that back thankyou" upon your return!
  4. If you can get hold of a photographic memory as well, that helps!

  5. Anyone know when the next course is ?
    Was a travelling reserve on the last one and got sent back...
  6. Can't be local, needs to be substantive in rank. Minimum of Cpl if I recall correctly, and should have CMCQ, RMQ1-3 and ideally DCCT qualifications before hand. Could be wrong, but in my unit we are specific about who attends since the course in only run once a year; next course is May 2010. Anyone going should be confident, switched on and fit and again because of the rarity of the course they need to be a decent attender as SAA instructors are the only ones who can conduct WHT's; hence essential bounty qualification.

    Cavalier will probably pop up shortly and he appears to be a walking encyclopedia on the subject. He'll correct me I'm sure :-D
  7. you dont need to have CMCQ as it's taught on the course, however it eases the workload if you hae the qual.
    You also need to have a high level of weapon handling as that too eases the load.

    I'm sure we had a couple of lance jacks on our course, but I've slept since then.
  8. There were L/Cpl's on the course I attended at Strensall. CMCQ was taught but is handier if you know it already.
  9. Thinking on it you don't need RMQ 1-3 or DCCT either.
  10. CMCQ was taught during my course but was also on the joining instructions as a pre-requisite so lucky for those of us that had it, took the extra two days to study! To this end, the Training Major said at the end of the course that they’re going to bin that element and possibly include the M Qual (pyro) in its place (unconfirmed). But the course listing in PAM 21 state the CMCQ and SAA courses are both K, suggesting that they haven’t changed the format.

    PAM 21 (section 2-15) states the rank requirements for the AANCOSAA (short) course are substantive LCpl and up. (so you wouldn't have done RMQ as a LCpl)

    It does help to be fit if you attend the Infantry School because you get to run everywhere, all the time. And if you get caught doing the Brecon shuffle, stand by! That said, there’s only one course a year at Brecon but there’s also Strensall – I’m sure someone could confirm when these are run.

    Anyone attending the course, be prepared to earn your money with putting lessons together and doing WHTs – finally!
  11. Check the course s folder with your orderly room that will tell you what quals you need to be able to book onto a course,as for RMQ you have to be substansive full screw also dont listen too much to what is written on here take some of it with a pinch os salt cos most of it is crap !
  12. Isn't that what I just said?
  13. You did just confirming !
  14. As for being a sub Cpl for RMQ that's to use the qual, there were two Acting Cpls on our team who are RMQ'd.
  15. And although qualified, neither should be running ranges as conducting officer according to the bible PAM21. (should they be I'm sure HQ SASC might have something to say about it, not to mention the SIB, should an incident happen while they are conducting)