requirements for logistics....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by huggybear, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. what is the requirements for logistics in the t.a, thinking of joining the petroleum squadron.

    at the assesment weekend, what time do you need to do the run, press ups, sit ups in. and then what times when you do initial training.

    also thinking about the paras.

    thanks :)
  2. Logistics/Paras

    Bit of a difference eh?

    If your worried about the fitness for the RLC then dont even bother thinking about the maroon beret

    Go and have a word with yourself then come back.
  3. Stand by...
  4. true, and was only a question. was just wondering, not worried about fitness.
  5. So why ask?

    Your not very logical considering you want to join the logistics corps (although its far from a requirement, strangely enough)

    Is this really officially mong month already?
  6. because i wanted to know ..... isn't that why people ask questions.

    and seems like it's official knob jockey month aswell....
  7. Right, I'll be fair and objective here.

    Time and time again dreamers post on here asking silly mundane questions. usually asking about some hard as nails elite unit but never seem to make their mind up about what to do.
    Too much time spent playing call of duty ans wanting to be part of something they cant get off their arrse to achieve.

    If your serious, go down to the TA centre or even the regular careers office and speak to them, they'll tell you what to do.

    Fill in the forms, do the physical prep and then go along with the process.

    Jobs a good''un.

    Word of advice...dont go down to the TA centre or careers office with wild variations in what you want to do.
    It just makes you look stupid.

    'I'm not sure if I want to drive a truck or a fighter jet'...know what I mean?

    So This time next week, I'd like a report on where you are. Deal?
  8. thats fair enough

    i'm not doing it because i play call of duty... i do though lol, but i have been wanting to do it for years. i'm going to a t.a centre tonight aswell. was going to join a while ago, but where i work didn't give me a straight answer on wether they would be ok with the weekends off. but now they have said go talk to them and see what happens.

    and will report back. :)
  9. Ask about AGC vacancies!
  10. Is this because you are aware of vacancies in TA AGC or perhaps you think that AGC are the place for folk who don't have a notion what they want to do?
  11. For Selection:

    PARA RUN: 09.30 - 10.30: STATIC LIFT: 35 KG :JERRY CAN CARRY : 150m

    RLC RUN: under 14.00 : STATIC LIFT: 30 KG :JERRY CAN CARRY :150 m
  12. Neither. Go back and read the thread again!
  13. The person has referred to logistics; ah I see, you were suggesting the person contact the AGC for advice?
  14. FFS Are you winding me up???? I was having a cynical dig at his grammar and punctuation!!!!!
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