Requirements for bounty qualification

We have been told that this training year to qualify for bounty the training we complete is being more closely defined. Last year it was do a camp, pass MATTs and do the requiste total number of days and you were certified efficient.

This year they (I think this is specific to our unit) are specifying that as well as the above, the total days have to be in specific training categories. The qualifying weekends have been shown in the training calendar - essentially there are 6 types we have to get and 2 opportunities to get each one. Subject to MTDs other training over and above this can be whatever's in the programme. Sounds like this is designed to root out the bounty hunters who choose their training selectively and aren't really the types you'd want to be deploying....

Anyone have a similar approach?

That's what I thought seeing as I remember one of our guys taking the CO to court under the old starred weekend system a while bcak.

I did ask the question and the answer I was given was about Section 22 of RFA and a paragraph about being required to undergo prescribed training. So the wording they're using is that we must do at least 6 days prescribed training (plus MATTs and camp) to bounty qualify and they are looking to enforce this. Sounds like a potential recipe for hassle come next March...


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This interpretation of RFA 96 is very dubious.

Sect 22(1)b says..."such other periods as may be prescribed, noone of which shall exceed 36 hours without the consent of the person concerned"....

By 'prescribed', this does NOT mean posted on a Drill-Hall Wall, or published in Unit Part 1 Orders. It refers to such subsidiary legislation as TA Regs. TA Regs themselves do NOT specify which weekends are to be meade compulsory (hence previous problems over 'starred' and compulsory weekends in the past), and crucially, nor does it give anyone else, such as COs, the authority to do this either.

They are on very, very dodgy ground indeed in this case!
Thanks for this OS,

I think we're in for a right mess as the training year progesses, we've already got guys who know they won't be able to get their full quota of mandatory training in because of clashes with said prescribed weekends - a real retention dis-incentive and I think is going to cause all manner of problems as we get to the end of this training year. Head shed don't seem to be open to much discussion and are totally avoiding the whole 36 hour bit of the RFA they're trying to use by not publicising this bit.

Deep joy !
does your coc not realise that it is there to serve the men and not vice versa.

retention, retention, retention.
Oh well, at you can say you did try your best to warn them...



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Bringing this thread back from the dead, I have had it confirmed to me, by people who know, that this approach by your CoC is absolutely not allowed, and that this will be passed on to the Unit in question shortly.
Read TA regs, in the end it is still up to th CO to agree the certificate of efficiency, our units CO tried to enforce Mandatory weekends untill the threat of legal action.
Then it all changed.......................

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