"Required" Military Viewing

What films/ TV shows are almost compulsory viewing for the discerning serviceman?

I'll start with - Band of Brothers
Blackadder goes forth of course!!
although quoting blackadder as a reply to officers is never a good idea :thumleft:


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**** Love Fest
1. Bridge to far
2. Platoon
3. Full metal jacket
4. zulu
5. Hamburger hill
6. Sluts with nuts vol 2 :D
Lawrence of Arabia.
Kelly's Heroes. (What's with all these negative vibes man?)
The Deer hunter. (Oh yes!)
Predator. (You lose it here you're in a world of hurt..)
Carry on up the Khyber.
Zulu! (Obviously)
Ice cold in Alex' (Everybody forgot that one - brilliant.)
Apocalypse now.
Henry V (the 1944 film with Laurence Olivier.)

If you include Naval and Airforce:

Master and Commander
The Cruel sea
Battle of Britain,
633 Squadron
Reach for the skies

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