Im deploying in a few weeks and am wondering what kit to take from stores,do I need my webbing/helmet/bergen etc or do I only need to take my issue helmet and respirator?

Obviously I am querying what kit from unit stores to take as opposed to personal issue uniform.I am travelling from Scotland so I need to take as little as possible.


Worry not, the joining instructions come with a kit list.

When I was mobilized, I took Helmet, Ressie, Beltkit etc. But really the people you need to speak to are a Chilwell, or your Staff at the TA centre! You won't be the only one wondering what to pack!
just take your resi, belt kit, a couple sets of 95s

all ur deserts are issues so u dont need a helmet as your issues a 6a.

my joining instructions said to take everyone on your flick, theres no point!

you may want to consider what kit you'll need at your unit for optag and pre deployment training.
Thanks for the replies,MSR u r right you would think the papers come with a kit list but no,it just states bring all issued kit.

Ill wait out for further replies but think a light belt kit with respirator and helmet should do,can anyone through RTMC recently confirm?

You most definately do not need all your kit. My joining instructions said take everything but waste of effort.

Take what you would take on a MATTs weekend, ie webbing, resi, bergan (or something to do CFT with). Dont take everything like I did! Its pointless. And they wont exchange green kit either so dont bother taking anything you hope to get exchanged, like I did!

There's no kit inspection or anything like that.

At the end of our MOB Cse we pointed out the kit list madness.

They said they put to bring all your issued kit as the joining instructions were written for tri-service use and they dont have the resources to tailor them army, navy, RM and RAF.
You may want to take an extra grip with you as the amount of kit you get issued is alot with 2 pairs of boots just being one of many what cap badge r u as if ure infantry u get a bit more
Thanks for the info hollos,not infantry ,RLC going as driver/escort.
Whats the score with the helmet,do you get the newer model issued there as stated earlier?
CGP77 said:
Whats the score with the helmet,do you get the newer model issued there as stated earlier?
Yes. Unfortunately they make you watch an extremely dull video (okay, DVD) about fitting it properly first, unless you are really, really lucky.

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