required fitness standard on first days of Catterick?

Im off to catterick in 4 weeks and wondering what the minimums are in press ups, sit ups etc during the pt tests. at my adsc we didnt do press ups or sit ups so im wondering really what happens if i fail the minimum required in these 2 tests. im currently knocking out around 50 of each but is this enough? also im not even sure they're army standard. I know not to dwell on the least required as i need to put my best into it but all the same, id like to know what they are, & the consequences of failing these.
4weeks is loads of time to train yet bud, the military press up is chest down to a fist on the floor and back up to straight, The military sit up is feet supported with arms crossd across the body and hands on shoulders. The arms are not supposed to leave the body at any time. As for the minimum pass standard, i'm not too sure for infantry. As long as ytou don't fail miserably, there shouldn't be too many issues and at worst will be a bit of remedial PT i would have thought.
im a spaz really, sit ups are fine but can only knock around 25 push ups at mo

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