Require some info on QRH

Discussion in 'RAC' started by mcclurg, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. Sorry to post such a simple thread, but after looking on the Army website, I realised there is absolutely no useful information on half the regiments.

    I was looking for a contact point within the regiment for Officer recruitment (I'm attending RMAS in September, and I naturally want to have a firm idea of the Regiment I want to join prior to attending) as well as where they are actually based. I believe they are in Germany, but I'm not 100%, and frankly not totally sure where in Germany if they are!

    Also, could anybody give me a brief summary of the day in the life of a RAC officer? particularly, what is life like in QRH? People have said in the past it can get it a bit infuriating living in a pure army zone, and it's hard to get a break from it at times.

    Any advice/help welcomed! :)
  2. I have worked with QRH on a couple of occasions and was impressed by them on each. As to setting up a Potential Officer visit, either speak to you recruiting officer or get in touch with the regimental secretary (Google QRH Home Headquarters).

    Good luck.