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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by newlynpirate, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Hello,
    I train 2/3 times a week and feel the benifits of it.I use a cross trainer due to knees etc.....I feel the benifit and do lose pounds........BUT my pot belly never seems to go! is this because I need to do sit ups? Cut bread pasta out of my diet? or what.........It is getting me down!
    any ideas , tips etc would be greatfully received. is being observed!
  2. if you dont mine me asking how tall and how heavy are you?? its just a case of keeping fit and building muscle, doesnt happen overnight
  3. I would be inclined to cut the endless fish suppers and 'deep fried lard bars' out of my diet!
  4. newlypirate,

    You have to realise that men and women put on weight in different areas and the very first place a man puts on weight is (strangely enough) internally on the supportive membranes of the lower abdomen (mesentary). Women have no fat cells at all there, since it would make child-bearing very difficult. However, since this is where you first gained weight, it'll be the last place you lose it, since you always reduce your weight in the exact reverse order in which you gained it.

    Although sit-ups and crunches will tone your abdominal muscles, until you've lost that internal fat, you won't get rid of your paunch. Crack on, mate, you're on the best way to do it. Just have a little patience and persevere.

  5. go out and buy Jade Goodys fitness dvd

    problem sorted

    (but dont mention £4500 on liposuction)
  6. the cross trainer is a good bit of kit - but works mostly on your legs, glutes, arms and cardio

    youo need to concentrate on abdo workout too
  7. Are you sure about that? Some fat deposits are designed to be more easily accessible than others, cf the link between higher incidence of heart disease among men and the higher mobility of lipids in the blood from fat deposits around the belly?

    Cut out beer and coke and sugary things if you want to lose the gut.
  8. I had a fückin' horrible feeling something like this would happen!

    milsum, my intent was to provide newlypirate with an easily digestible, concise and pertinent explanation for his particular problem. I'm an ex-RAMC Medic, so I'm certainly aware of what you're talking about. If you want to go into minute detail and discuss the merits of CQR lipids as opposed to CQF lipids, I'd be more than interested, but please let's do it by PM!

    You're unnecessarily confusing the basic issue with your quest to be regarded as knowledgeable in such matters. Nobody would've thought less of you if you hadn't bothered to post.

    Just a thought.

  9. Bugsy, you misunderstand me. My brother in law is usually horrrrrendously fit, but when he gets slack and starts eating he puts on weight everywhere mostly his belly. When he's back on the wagon the belly's the first to go. I wasn't trying to confuse, mearly clarify. Lashings of apolgies if I did. Surely worth pointing out that as a chap a large beer belly all your life increases the chances of heart disease though 8O
  10. My apologies, milsum! I seem to have gone off "half-roostered" again (to get around the ARRSE net-nanny).

    Your brother-in-law, if he's indeed as horrrrendously fit as you maintain, will have preserved his basic muscle-tone, which will pull in his bloated gut to a certain extent and thus give the impression of a flatter stomach. It doesn't change the basic physiological tenets of my original post. However, I'm only working on what you say here. It might also be that your b-i-w simply draws in his gut in when the biddies pass by, who knows?

  11. i would try doing some weight trainnig, start light then wok into heavy sets. could you tell me about whats wrong wit your knees as i'm having trouble with them

  12. some good info there now makes sense..first on last off...cotton01 iam 6'1 14/12 ish depenss on whos scales.