Requesting Permission to Come Aboard!!

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Jumper, May 23, 2004.

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  1. Good Day, just thought I would post my mark here, and say hope you don't mind a "Yank" dropping in on you and checking the place out. I came over from, when some of yours came over during this past week. Manchester_Monkey posted a link, so I thought I would check it out. Have a few friends in the states that are From the United Kingdom, and they are good folks in my book.

    I live in Laramie, Wyoming, and I fly the "Union Jack", along with "Old Glory" on the 4th of July, our Independence Day. The 4th of July in my family has long been a traditional day to honor veterans. I also do it to honor our allies and friends from the United Kingdom, and because I heard my uncle say that he fought with British soldiers in WWII during the invasion. I always lift a glass in honor of that friendship on that day. Hope you guys will allow me to hang out here a bit!!

    I drink a good Single Malt Scotch, cheers . . .

    Thanks Neal
  2. Greetings Jumper, hope you enjoy your stay.

    You should however be aware that there are some here who enjoy baiting some of our colonial cousins and some 'septics' as there are refered to around here have had a bit of a rough ride. Mainly because of their failure to grasp some of the more subtle forms of humour, and because they fail to remember that the site is supposed to be seen from the British perspective and sometimes doesn't really 'translate'.

    But if you don't tend to blame everything on the secret services (or lizzards!), are thick skinned and can give as good as you get.... you'll do just fine.

    As I keep on getting told in California...... "Enjoy!"
  3. Welcome jumper,

    Forgive the delay in getting back to you, but if you're anything like the guys from GI, you'll have a good time on this site. Get stuck in. . . . .If your anything like me, you'll be adicted in no time!

  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Course your uncle fought with British soldiers in WW II - we love a scrap, especially if it's with a Septic !


    Welcome in Jumper, glad to have you. If you've got Brit mates you'll appreciate our sense of humour. Approach the NAAFI Bar with caution though......
  5. This is the BBC.......

    Ignore cutaway jumper, we keep him on a short lead....... :roll:
    The NAFFI is a wonderful safe haven away from the long hard day....... 8)
    Just remember if anyone asks you to play a game of, oh i don't know, say rounders do, it's an unusual game but you'll really enjoy it.........Honest! :wink:
  6. I also would like to ask permission to come aboard.

    As BASECO at I also want to say that we enjoyed having all ARRSE members visit us. I'm sure most of our members will be over to say hello as I know they will miss the insults that they have became accustomed to. :D
  7. No you can't.

    Not until you get Ctauch to admit that we invented time, maps, computers, jet engines and dinosaurs.

    There may be a compromise where we get free holidays in the States in exchange for us teaching Corporal how to walk on 2 feet.
  8. Aunty..I admit your a pr!ck and corporal is still crawling around the trailer. :D
  9. Welcome aboard old chap. It is quite easy to get along on here, just do not, under any circumstances, accept any unsolicited gifts of candy, cigarettes etc. from any of the old lags... you will be paying the price after lights out 8O
  10. I will give you Brits credit for inventing one thing, the cnut. You must have invented it, there are enough of them around here! :D
  11. Come on Corporal give the limeys a little more credit then that...they also invented boy scouting. :D
  12. I have to admit when I first got here I wasn't sure I would be welcomed or not, but since then I have gotten to know some of you. You are a good bunch. A little "twisted, but a good bunch none the less.

    FYI: I emailed one of the Moderators to cancel this Jumper account. It was my "less obvious attempt" to come here and get to know some of you without getting flamed or banned right off. I mean come on, if there came a Moderator from "the other site", what would you do? So anyway, I too am coming clean on my previous user name, and hope it is all Good to Go!!

    Beside, anyone with any interest would surely figure it out. Same post at both sites . . . :wink:
  13. DAD: A couple of tips when dealing with limeys.

    1. Use lots of humor...or humour.
    2. They hate Tony Blair ...never compliment him unless you want to get skewered by the testes.
    3. Never refer to yourself as anything other then American (i.e. Scottish, Irish, Italian, etc.)...apparently your bloodline regenerates after becoming an American citizen. Quit amazing really! :wink:
    4. And if you’ve used all methods of politeness and still can’t win them over...flash your boobies or post naked pictures.

  14. How many more times sceptic, I am not one of your toothless interbred yokel playthings. If you want strange sex with ladyboys, I recommend the brothel just outside the gates of Rhein Main, I am told that the lower floors specialise in the strange tastes of the colonials.
  15. Nice hack job you mingy cross dressing marmite mining troglydite :D