Requesting a specific draft on JPA

My current posting is due to end early next year and thought rather than leave it to pot luck and end up in the hell holes, for me, that are Hellston or Hellensbrugh, I'd try and see what drafts will be available and put infor them. I found a spreadsheet with available jobs (with position numbers) for when I'm due a change of the DNPers website and initially printed off a E240 but realised that it said that it was not to be used if the request could be done through JPA.

I've logged on and found that although my general area and sea preferances we filled in that my Prefered Appointments were all blank. Assuming this is where I go to put a specific billit I want (STORES AB|XXXXXXX) , I hit the search button but every time I get the answer "No results found".

Now is it me being a simpleton and I'm in the wrong place or is it that this part of JPA just won't work?
You can put it in the 'comments' bit aswell, and ensure it is put in your SJAR or equivalent (if your boss backs it up, you may even get it!!!)
Have you spoken to a) your DepCo and b) Waterfront Manning? What draft do you want - the more gucci it is, the harder it will be to get (although someone has to do the job!).
As a JR I was under the impression that I wasn't meant to go to WFM? I'm deployed as it is and by the time I get back to UK to see them anyway my draft order should be in anyway.
It's not a gucci draft I'm after- just want to make sure I get back to Portsmouth instead of Cornwall/Devon or up in Scotland.

Pretty gutted I saw a signal last week asking for an Logs SC for Naples- would have jumped at the chance but needed a driving lisence and I dont have one!
Managed to get one of the Writers back at my HQ UPO on the job- apparently he has no intrest in going to Helston either!
I thought this was the ARMY Rumour Service?
RR is full of old duffers who spin shit dits, this place has far more active service people and you don't have to search through as much dross!
And the J in JPA stands for Joint.

The future is surreal, the future is purple... dark purple.
The future is 1 UK Civ Div mate ;)

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