Requested - A list of Labours money wasting projects?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. I vaguely remember seeing a list,as mentioned above.Not sure if it was on arrse or not.Does anyone have such a thing,or could point me in the right direction? Ta muchly.
  2. Start with PCSOs
  3. Or the TA.
  4. one eyed Scottish tw@ in No10

    ID Card

    NHS Computer System

    Bloody Inquiries (all of them) as they are just a whitewash.
  5. Ok thanks guys,but not what I'm looking for.This is a proper list of all the white elephants they have been involved with,and all the projects they have abandoned at great expense.
  6. Would it not be easier to make a list of the ones that weren't wastes of money?
  7. "The Bumper Book of Government Waste 2008: Brown's Squandered Billions" avaliable from all good booksellers & widely quoted in the press when it was published
  8. Definately, did anyone see dispatches on Monday? 11-12000 sworn police officers with full powers and training or 16000 security guards who have, limited powers, and the right to go on strike anyone?
  9. Labours wasted money to date:

    Millenium Dome
    Translaters in schools and hospitals
    The new vetting rules

    There are many more, but these are the obvious ones that come to mind.
  10. I'd trawl the Taxpayers Alliance website, they are good at highlighting waste and unnecessary quangos.
  11. link

    Some examples from the book

    Here are just a few examples of where all of that money has gone:

    £280,000 on a conference addressed by Blair and Brown on value for money in the public services.
    £400 million on 'cost control' for the Olympic Games.
    £3 million by tax inspectors at HM Revenue and Customs on flights, including £2.1 million on flights to Scotland.
    Over £16 million on the creation and upkeep of VIP lounges in Heathrow and Gatwick despite the fact they are not government-owned.
    £100,000 on assessing whether £400,000 reportedly spent on modern art for seven hospitals was money well spent.
  12. After 12 years of New Labour, wasting a few hundred million here and there seems like nothing now. These b@stards waste fcuking billions.

    Keep printing and everything will be alright though!
  13. I say we launch a coup involving the TA and regs and take power ourselves lol
  14. Thanks Murphy and all others.