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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by GeorgeF, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. Request moderator delete
  2. Time for a demo I'd say - form a circle around the man - then let them try and remove his medal!
  3. The man who tries to remove that medal will suffer a harsh response from serviceman celebrating on that day. I dont think there is anybody who would remove it.
  4. Where does it specificaly say he's been threatened with arrest?

    Yet no mention of a threat of arrest if he's seen with the Pingat Jasa medal.

    (Before I'm flamed, it's the article I'm picking on, not necessarily the right of Mr Follows to wear this medal)
  5. I fully support veterans rights to wear all their medals with pride. They obviously earned them.

    However, surely this man's case is not unique? Even following GW1 people recieved medals from the Kuwaiti government but were not allowed to wear em.

    That reminds me though, what about those RAF & RN officers wearing russian medals for their part in the rescue of that sub. They were in the papers clearly displaying theirs?

    In short my point is we must ask why there are variartions in rules and attitudes. And why this grand old gent is forbidden from wearing his medals? I wonder where the RBL stanbd on this?
  6. Has there been a threat to remove these medals?
  7. There hasn't. In fact, in the last link George has provided, the veteran concerned (not Mr Follows, but a Mr Cooper) states that the MoD has told him that it won't take any action against anyone wearing the medals.

    Also, a non-rethorical (and possibly stupid) question - is there anything that actually prevents long-retired veterans from wearing such medals if they so wish?
  8. What action do the MOD think they can actually take?

    I am out of the loop now, but even using the most generous interpretation of the most vague and wonderfully broad laws, in these circumstances (a remembrance parade) I cannot see how he can fear "arrest".
  9. There can't be any action - he's a civilian & thus can wear what he wants. As for those still serving, JSP 761 Honours & Awards in the Armed Forces applies, generally requires the Queens permission in order to wear foreign decorations
  10. Oh, and if he wears his medal he will suffer what precisely?!!
  11. Nothing by the looks of it?
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