Request for your help - Poppy Appeal in the City of London

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by tich23, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Folks, an ex Grenadier officer has taken it upon himself to organise a full on collection for the Poppy Appeal, on Tuesday 4th November.

    His email below is self-explanatory - if any of the London ARSSE community can assist, PM me with a real email and I will forward your details on.


    Text reads:

    I know that in the economic climate - time is short for all of us, but it is that time of year, when I am writing to you all to ask for a little of your time in assisting this year's Royal British Legion Poppy Campaign.

    This year with the support of 'Poppy Man' (outside Lloyds), the Mobile Poppy Unit (outside St Paul's), a number of serving soldiers and a Corps of Drums - we are planning to massively raise the profile of the Poppy Campaign around the City on Tuesday 4th November.

    We really need need your support (and that of your military colleagues) to come and collect for the Poppy Appeal at Train and Tube Stations during 'rush hour' (07.30 - 09.00 and 17.00 - 18.30) and to come and support The Corps of Drums over lunchtime in Leadenall Market (and maybe other locations). We have permission to collect over rush hour at the following locations:

    London Bridge Train
    Liverpool Street Tube & Train
    Mansion House
    St Paul's
    Chancery Lane
    Canon Street Train
    Blackfriars Tube
    Tower Hill
    Fenchurch Street Train
    Old Street
    Please could you forward this email to your colleagues and anyone else that you think would like to help out and then let me know which location you could help out at. Clearly, if you can arrange yourselves into groups of collectors, that would make my job much easier. We are hoping to be able to allocate serving soldiers to each location who will work with you to generate more interest and make a greater impact.

    Once I have feel for numbers, I will send out an administrative email to confirm details of where to pick up collection boxes, poppies etc.

    Many thanks in advance for your support
  2. I'll check my diary, put me down provisionally for London Bridge, will let you know for sure on Thursday evening.
  3. I'm in - please check PMs for contact details.
  4. I'm probably going to be in the London area around then anyway. Like sainstone, I'll have to check to be sure.
  5. I'm in. Feel free to drop me a PM confirming time / location et al.
  6. Bumped for daytime ARRSErs.
  7. Thanks DB - check your civ email re times
  8. Bumpage for the afternoon crew...
  9. I booked my spot last week :)
  10. Big Ishooooo, Big Ishooooo
  11. Bumpage!

    Poppy Appeal launched from Basra

  12. Am in at any station you need me on the day at any time (the joy of being a student during Reading week)

    email me at for where and when you want me

    PS.. I have not served is this a problem?

  13. i'm up for helping anywhere you need cover, pm sent
  14. I gather from Ben, the organiser, that it went brilliantly and he was very grateful to all ARRSE-rs who tipped up. Thanks to all
  15. Didnt see this until too late but would be keen to support - am away tomorrow for ten days though :(

    Can i put my name down for a few slots for next year?