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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cabarfeidh, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. Gents/Ladies

    I have been approached by BBC Radio who would like to recruit a 'Soldiers' Panel' This, unlike the 500 year old generals and 'our own military expert who knows bugger all' that you read in the papers, will be a panel of soldiers, ideally recently retired but active association members also considered. Looking for a variety of Corps and Arms, Navy RAF and Marines as well as TA obviously.

    The aim is to have a panel of guys/girls able to be rung up by the Beeb and asked to either appear on programmes or to provide comments/insight from the soldiers' view of a particular topic. An example is what people thought about John Reid telling people to stop being so quick to blame the Forces when they react to extreme provocation etc....or their thoughts on the war in Iraq or even whether we should send troops to Dafur.

    Anyone interested would have to be prepared to let my contact (a producer) have a contact email/telephone number and he would rotate as required. ie if the topic is Iraq he'd be looking for people with recent experience over there, if soldiers' welfare then a wife might be asked to talk about how she copes when hubby is away.

    Could people also say whther they think this is a good idea or not?

    Personally I think this is something that might be good fun as well as a chance for people to get their views and thus those of the lads/lassies serving in the public domain. After all not everyone knows about ARRSE...

    Interested parties PM me please so I can forward you the emails from the Beeb so you can see what they want. Thanks
  2. Sounds like a good way to shorten your career. You can't win - given the opporunity to speak but being obliged to refuse.
  3. No, no not serving soldiers obviously but recently retired ones could 'ring up their mates still in and ask them what they think?' but not admit to doing so.........
  4. Great idea 8O Lets have the comments and observations on how the soldiers feel from people who are no longer in the services! Additionally, after the BBC allowed the identities of the soldiers in the most recent Iraq scandle video to be clearly seen, against the better judgement and express wishes of the MOD; they can shove their programmes up their "licence fee subsidised" asses :twisted:
  5. Why not just start up a website where serving and retired soldiers express their feelings behind a barrier of anonimity, then read the posts on the radio.

    Doh!!! :roll:
  6. Might have to go out after the watershed though...... :lol:

  7. "Might have to go out after the watershed though...... "

    How about 2310hrs then again at 0215 hrs then kept online for the whole world to listen to for a week afterwards........

    I can just see it now....Sir! Sir! Listen to what my old dad said on the radio last night...."The CO is a buffoon"

    OK young man, walk slowly to the jail and tell the Provost Sgt I sent you....!
  8. I would suggest legal advice before volunteering for anything. I believe the service test of the AGAI67 could be brought into play if any person made derogatory or malicious remarks about any individual, unit or such like. I KNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. How might this fit in with the Federation thread?
  10. Fair point, but I thought Cabarfeidh was asking for volunteers "ideally recently retired but active association members also considered". Official Secrets Act would still apply to ex-serving of course, but their expressing an opinion on facts in the public domain should not fall foul of the OSA.

    "This is not legal advice".
  11. Hackle

    Exactly so. This is specifically why the Beeb want retired (although active duty about to retire would be welcome) as they can say what the troops want to say but can't and at the same time the panel should be more aware of things like OPSEC etc so they don't drop anyone or any unit in it.

    Actually if the Federation wanted to set up a panel I'm sure they would have more clout....thoughts?
  12. Personally I can imagine something like that happening. It would of course be up to the Federation when the time comes.

    Such a panel might usefully supplement the efforts of the principal spokesperson (who I controversially envisage as a Shami Chakrabarti type, but with a duelling scar and a Mention in Dispatches to her name.) :wink:
  13. Aye but the media have been doing this for years anyway. Like the old 'a friend of the actor said last night...' which translates as 'the actor told me (but wants to deny being an egomaniac)'.

    They might as well just get already well known ex-soldiers to chat on the news....Andy McNab (and the usual rent-an-SF-celeb mob)talking about slotting people, Nigel Benn just glowering at the reporter, Kriss Akabusi can laugh for a while, Kelly Holmes can use her Army experience to talk Charles Ingram, Lord Brockett, the list of glitterati goes on (where's my gun)....
  14. I thinka panel of real 'experts who've actually been there and dunnit' variety is a brilliant idea. However if the BBC trawls this site it will find enough material for a whole range of programmes covering just about everything, comedy, tragedy, fashion, history, politics, morale and finance to name but a few.
  15. Ladies/Gents:

    We've got a few names off to the BBC as our resident non-McNab/Ryan experts. The suggestion that they call themselves the BSP (British Squaddies Panel) was sent as was our request for Kate Adie to be our young people can stick with Katherine Jenkins, we mature chaps prefer Kutie Kate.

    The BBC are saying: "Once I have some names and numbers I'll send the list to programme editors so that people know that there are folk available as alternatives to the "usual suspects".

    So this is OUR chance to get OUR viewpoint and those of the serving SOLDIERS across (as in a friend of the actor above) :cool: to lots of different programmes not just Radio 5 or the World Service.

    Any more volunteers? We've got ex Inf, Int, RE, REME, RAMC could do with RAC RSigs etc.