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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Desalman, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. A few days ago I visited a cemetery in the small French town of Mouchard in the Jura to see the grave of my second cousin Seth Plant who was shot whilst escaping in 1940.

    He was part of a group of 10 men who escaped from Besancon castle through the sewers from the the kitchen. Two of the group escaped capture, seven were re-captured and Seth was shot dead.

    He was a baker in civvy life and a baker in the R.A.S.C.

    It's possible that someone on this forum knows a bit more about the circumstances and about the survivors of that escape. I would really appreciate any further info.

    His service number was S 128840 and was a Private.
  2. Dunno, but doubtless some on here will be knowledgeable. I'll keep calling back on this thread to see what turns up for you.
  3. Thanks eodmatt, that's where I got my original info from, I am hoping that more is available from the survivors of the ten escapees.

    I am interested in finding out the circumstances of Seth's death as his grave in Mouchard is some 25 miles from Besancon and a number of days after the escape.

    I am hoping that perhaps one of those recaptured, or even one of those who managed to get away have passed on the story of their escape to others who may be on this forum.
  4. Understood and good luck.
  5. Maybe change the title of the thread so it's clear what you're asking.
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Send a letter or email to the Marie: Site Officiel de Mouchard (39330) and see if they know of anyone who could help.
    It is also possible that they have heard from other survivors at some point.

    The archives at Besancon look to be worth contacting also: BESANCON > Cadre de classement
  7. Not trying to big him up, but C/S OldBaldy helped locate my Grandfathers MM in the London Gazette, so I reckon he might be a bit of a armchair historian and slueth out this one.

  8. A good idea...........................if I knew how to do that !!!!!!!

  9. Good suggestion, it will certainly exercise my French language skills !

    I tried to find the Mairie when I visited but without success, Mouchard is not a ''bustling'' town, in fact it's not a nice looking town at all. It's main claim to fame seems to be as a TGV station.
  10. I think you just go to the first post and use the edit or modify tab.
    You might get more interest if you do it.
  11. My name is Jordan i am the great grandson of Seth plant i have been to the grave today with my grandad frank plant Seths son we are trying to find out why he was buried and how he died could you help fill in any gaps
  12. Hi Jordan,

    Please e mail me